Clay Travis Agrees With Adam Silver On NYC Vax Mandate: ‘It’s Completely Nonsensical’

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“It’s completely nonsensical.”

Those were the words OutKick founder Clay Travis used to describe New York City’s clunky vaccine mandate that prevents unvaccinated Knicks and Nets players from suiting up for home games, but permits unvaccinated players on a visiting team to play in the exact same arena.

On Wednesday afternoon NBA Commissioner Adam Silver blasted the mandate, telling ESPN: “It just doesn’t quite make sense to me that an away player who’s unvaccinated can play in Barclays, but the home player can’t.”

Hours later, Travis was a guest on Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream and was asked to weigh in on the controversial mandate. Travis agreed with Silver’s stance.

“It’s completely nonsensical, Shannon. And Adam Silver is right here,” said Travis. “I hope that the new mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is going to be willing to address this and change it.”

Though Travis favors a change in policy, he’s hopeful the change moves in the direction of freedom and normalcy, not further restrictions.

“I hope, by the way, that they don’t change it to make (the current policy) also apply to visiting players,” Travis told Bream.

“The policy now that should be put in place is: everyone should be able to play in the NBA, whether they have been vaxxed or they have not. Frankly, every pro athlete should be able to (play),” added Travis.

As Silver, NBA players and New York city residents await a potential change from Adams, Travis reminded viewers of the pointlessness of these mandates in general: “Given that (NBA players are) young and they’re healthy and they have an incredibly high COVID vaccine rate (within the league) so far…at this point in time, everybody should be to play. Visitors, home…I hope they fix this.”

Now that makes sense.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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