Clay Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ Enes Kanter’s Playing Time Has Been Reduced For Anti-China Stance

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OutKick founder Clay Travis joined the “Fox & Friends” team live Wednesday morning from the stage at the Patriot Awards being held tonight at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida to talk about the Enes Kanter story that continues to dog the NBA.

Kanter, on the Celtics roster, has suggested that he’s not playing — averaging a career-low 6.0 minutes per game this season — because of his anti-China stance relating to human rights violations.

“Keep limiting me on the court, I will expose you off the court,” Kanter wrote this week on Instagram. In October, the Chinese government took action and removed a Celtics-Knicks game from TV after Kanter called for the dictatorship to free Tibet and bashed the government by calling them “brutal” and how they were denying citizens basic rights and freedoms.

The 29-year-old center played 24.4 minutes per game in 2020 and appeared in all 72 games. Kanter received eight minutes of playing time Monday in Cleveland. It was his first time on the court since October 30 and just his third appearance of the season.

“I think so,” Clay told Fox & Friends when asked if Kanter’s anti-China stance is resulting in a lack of playing time. “Look, the NBA claims they care about social justice. Really what they care about is social justice when it lines their pocket.  If you can be woke in America, that actually works to your benefit, but if you call out China, as Daryl Morey did a couple of years ago associated with ‘Free Hong Kong.'”

Clay says he supports Kanter in his pushback against China and its use of slave labor to make shoes and the double-standard of guys not standing for basic human rights around the world while being all woke about American social justice.

“Chinese shoe companies bragged they were using Muslim Uighur labor to pick cotton to make their tennis shoes,” Clay said. “Literally slave labor tennis shoes on NBA courts. Guys are cashing checks for millions of dollars. Nobody’s calling them on it.”

Why won’t anyone join Kanter in his stance against China?

“Because they all love to talk a big game when it doesn’t impact their pocketbook,” Clay explained. “As soon as you start to take money out of the NBA’s coffers they all shut up and dribble.”

Kanter’s season statistics:


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  1. Le’Fraud James and NBA Lemmings: “You owe me because some long-dead people with the same skin color you have bought slaves with the same skin color I have from some Africans with the same skin color I have.”

    Also, Le’Fraud James and NBA Lemmings: “Check out my shoes made by slave labor, dawg!”

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