Clay & Matt Jones Tangle Over Sarah Fuller Stunt

Vandy trotted out Sarah Fuller Saturday against Tennessee to kick an extra point to satisfy the blue checkmarks who have fully bought in on the stunt that began under the Derek Mason regime and continued under interim head coach Todd Fitch. University of Kentucky blue checkmark hero Matt Jones decided to tangle with Clay over this subject and came out firing with “when it’s a woman making history in the process, a few triggered men get angry and downplay it. Don’t be those men,” offensive.

Fuller ended Saturday’s 42-17 loss to Tennessee with two extra points, but she didn’t get the opportunity to kick field goals as that job was given to junior kicker Pierson Cooke. He was 1-of-2 with a make from 39 yards out. Cooke was 9-of-9 on extra-point attempts heading into the UT game.

That’s right, Vandy used an extra point kicker and a field goal kicker on December 12. That’s a stunt. Jones decided to push the issue until Clay ended it by telling the Twitter world that Matt has been begging to host OutKick when Clay’s on vacation. Jones countered with an I’m bigger than this defense and called it a night.

Imagine the conundrum Matt Jones would’ve been in if it were Louisville using a female kicker as a stunt. Instant pretzel situation.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. If the wokey wokes don’t get it…the point is she was a soccer goalie on a successful women’s soccer team. She earned her keep in that lane. She’s been on the team for what 3 weeks and is giving halftime speeches after being on the team what 1 week? They already had a kicker on the team who could do the job and put in the work throughout the season and this was just a stunt to bring her on for the wokey wokes. Basically their former coach emasculated that team.

  2. I think we should just turn this about. I’ve never heard of a man getting a spot on the Vandy women’s soccer team. Perhaps they need a groundbreaking goalie.

  3. Meanwhile Tulsi Gabbard is introducing legislation to ban genetic males from competing in genetically female sports, which is great news, not every democrat in this country is an utter fool. Too bad Biden was not smart enough to pick one of them.

    • I saw Tulsi was doing that also and I agree that it is good news not every democrat is an utter fool. Hopefully the legislation is passed. I am not holding my breath on this though. As we all know too well, the woke mob is taking over the democratic party. Racist white liberals cry white supremacy, while they are the ones holding minorities back in democratic run cities. And hypocritical woke fools cry male fragility, when in reality the woke fools themselves are holding back all of us, men and women alike, men and women of all races. In fact, I just read an article on yahoo that was ripping Tulsi as transphobic. ( I am at a loss how anyone can call Tulsi transphobic. I am sure Tulsi treats all human beings with respect. The article even put “biological sex” in quotes, as if Tulsi is making up her own science. With the woke mob it is all about power. pure and simple. they want power)

  4. Are there any case law decisions that have ruled on whether men can participate in women’s sports if women are permitted to play men’s sports? I’m thinking it’s time for some male athletes to try out for women’s sports. Only way this shit will stop. Cant see a court ruling that colleges can discriminate against men. If a school or NCAA permits women to play Men’s sports, it seems logical that the same rules would apply to men. Time for a social experiment.

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