Clay Drops Mic On Woke Bracket Champ Keith Olbermann Over Transgender Athletes

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Clay Travis can’t help but go global, and Keith Olbermann got in his feelings about it on Monday.

Olberman, 63, had a social media meltdown when he saw Clay’s million-dollar look on his Twitter timeline Monday afternoon.

One of Clay’s appearances on Fox News played on a Russian channel, which prompted Olbermann to start screaming over collusion.

Olbermann quoted the tweet about the appearance on Russian TV and called Clay a member of the “Dictatorship of Terrorist Russia.”

What Olbermann missed was the topic of debate during the segment, transgenderism in sports, which already had Keith down for the count.

Clay asked, “[D]o you believe biological men should compete against women & win titles in women’s sports? Because I don’t. Nor do the vast majority of sports fans, in Russia or rest of the world.”

Clay even gave a special shout-out to Olbermann on Fox News primetime with Sean Hannity Monday night when he called convicted felon Jussie Smollett “crazier than Keith Olbermann.”

But don’t pinch yourself, Keith Olbermann remains he wokest of them all.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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