Clay Destroys LeBron For Leaving Court Again, Not Shaking Hands Following Loss

OutKick founder Clay Travis, like many others out there, is over people giving LeBron James a pass. All too often, people brush off LeBron flopping, pouting, faking an injury or showing poor sportsmanship, but Clay has had enough with the antics.

Earlier this week, LeBron chose to leave his teammates hanging with almost six minutes left to go in Game 5 of the opening round playoff series against the Phoenix Suns. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel claimed James wanted to get ahead on some minor injury treatment, but come on. We all know LeBron was just sour that his team was down 32 points.

When the Suns claimed the series 4-2 on Thursday, LeBron once again made himself the center of attention. He was the only Laker who didn’t stick around to shake hands after the game. To be fair, he did show up later to sign a jersey for Suns guard Devin Booker, but he was a sore loser immediately after the game.

In his tweets, Clay called LeBron “LeBitch” because of yet another “vintage move” from the NBA superstar.

Yes, we’ve seen other superstar athletes not shake hands after an emotional loss. Tom Brady did it, as have others. But this isn’t an isolated incident with LeBron. He has a long track record of poor sportsmanship and questionable political and social activism. For Clay, myself and many others, James’ many inconsistencies and phony antics have become exhausting.

He once touted a Malcolm X biography in front of the cameras but then couldn’t even say what his favorite part of the book had been. He has been vocal on issues of “injustice” while simultaneously bowing to China and ignoring the horrendous human rights violations committed by the CCP. Perhaps less serious but still certainly annoying, he insisted earlier this year that he could never return to 100% after a high ankle sprain.

Two years ago, LeBron claimed, “I don’t have a quit bone in me,” but in 2021, he quit on his teammates in Game 5. Literally days earlier, he promised that his “shoulders were built for a reason” and that he would carry the team without Anthony Davis, who had strained a groin muscle. Not only did his shoulders not carry his team to victory, but they also apparently couldn’t help him shake the hands of the victors.

I won’t even get into LeBron putting a target on a police officer’s back following the death of Ma’Khia Bryant.

Come on, folks. Of course Clay is going to tee off on LeBron at every opportunity. As the face of the NBA, LeBron should be held to a higher standard. And let’s be clear, LeBron continues to provide Clay with plenty of opportunities.

A YouTube sports personality that goes by ScoutWithBryan shared an excellent breakdown of LeBron quitting on his team with three minutes to go in Thursday night’s elimination game. After not getting a call, the guy who doesn’t have any quit in him … quit. Check it out.

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Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and


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    • They deemed him the face of the nba long ago. Honestly, I don’t know that his jerseys were ever even number one sellers, but he was so polarizing that people would at least watch just to see him get beat, so they dubbed that popularity and shoved his ugly mug out everywhere. Really it was a stupid move by the nba, but clearly the nba doesn’t care as long as that china money comes in.

    • Honestly, if you still watch espn or follow him on Twitter, that’s on you. If this stupid site wouldn’t talk about the stupid things Lebron says, I’d have no clue he said something else stupid each time he does.

  1. Huge Laker fan since 99′ with Kobe & Shaq.. Total disappointment on this years Laker team & it starts at the top with “King” James. Sucks he has a no-trade clause, because I’d think he’d be amazing trade bait this offseason.

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