Clay: Biden Plan Makes Stimulus Unnecessary

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President Joe Biden has promised that every American adult who wants the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to receive it by the end of May.

“Two of the largest health care and pharmaceutical companies in the world that are usually competitors are working together on the vaccine,” Biden said in a White House address Tuesday. 

More states, from Kentucky to Mississippi to Michigan, are also beginning to significantly ease capacity restrictions on businesses. Texas is even doing away with its mask mandate entirely.

So with all adult Americans soon getting an opportunity to be vaccinated and most states beginning to go back to business … well, why bother with a stimulus? That was the question that OutKick founder Clay Travis asked on Tuesday.

“If the Biden administration is now saying every American who wants a vaccine will be vaccinated by May 31st and all the states with sane governors will be fully open by the end of March, why in the world do we need a $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus?” Travis tweeted. “Just open the country back up.”

Biden said in his address that his administration is directing states to prioritize vaccinating teachers and other school staff members, as well as childcare workers — an obvious effort to make sure kids are back in the classroom, as opposed to learning virtually.

In other words, the plan is for businesses to open, teachers to get back to work in full force, and the dollars to start really flowing again. So what’s with the $1.9 trillion stimulus?

Yeah. Good question.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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    • well this thread is off the rails..since its other people’s money, and elected officials are responsible for the problems, there is actually a middle everything, and bail out all the recipients of democratic wrath…its funny how all these black history month commercials highlighting black business owners wont acknowledge, like, i dunno, how all your shit in Minnesota is about to burn down

  1. Have to disagree with Clay who has multiple houses and brags about it. People have been laid off for 9 months and arr behind on rent, bills , medical, and feeding their kids. Totally disgusting. GAVIN NEWSOME=CLAY TRAVIS.

    • True dat, Gary…WTF…you can’t flip a light switch.
      Earth to Clay…all the lost revenue, lost wages, lost jobs…THEY AIN’T COMIN’ BACK…gotta re-start the economy…like trying to turn a super-tanker around…know how many miles it takes to do that simple task??????????????????

    • Hey Gary, it’s not the responsibility of the Federal Government which is funded by all citizens to bail out the states that chose to lockdown and create these problems.

      And your envy is showing, stop criticizing a successful entrepreneur for his success.

    • well this thread is off the rails..since its other people’s money, and elected officials are responsible for the problems, there is actually a middle everything, and bail out all the recipients of democratic wrath…its funny how all these black history month commercials highlighting black business owners wont acknowledge, like, i dunno, how all your shit in Minnesota is about to burn down

    • Gary, of the $1.9 trillion, how much do you think is actually going to go to unemployed people who have bills to pay? None of it, because you already got your $1400 stimulus check.

      A quick internet search will show that it is laden with pork, a ton of money goes to blue states to bail them out, and a bunch of money will be laundered to end in up in politicians re-election campaigns accounts.

    • Your bringing the emotional argument but think logically.

      If a gangster broke your legs and kept you imprisoned for sixth months. Then one day decides to let you go and give you 10% of what you would have made if you were a free man. Would take it? Probably?

      But isn’t the real fix the fact you are a free man and able to earn what you can?

      That’s what Clay is arguing. That the money is almost just adding insult to injury when this problem was largely caused by government “keeping us safe”.

  2. these comments are pretty hysterical to me and show you the only true bipartisan issue will always be dangling free cash in front of someone. Everyone is already counting their $1400 ($2800 if married) stimulus and nobody wants to see it taken away, even staunch conservatives (as long as they are making less than $75000). Here’s what I know about Illinois : Everyone that was laid off due to the pandemic, for the most part, made $1075 a week ($475 max unemployment + $600 weekly payments in addition for months). This was more than a lot of them probably made when they were working (which meant no one was in a rush to go back to work). With the last stimulus, Illinois added $300 weekly in addition to the max ($475) for $775 per week. To not work. McDonald’s has been open the entire pandemic and those full time employees make $11 an hour ($440 a week). Thus, our stimulus and covid relief have been basically better than working 60 hours a week at a fast food joint. How embarrassing. On top of that, I know for a fact anyone that actually wanted to work, and has the ability to drive, could have driven for DoorDash, Lyft, Uber or taken 1 of many available Amazon jobs that flooded deliveryville the past year … but why would you!? They paid us more to sit at home and then complain about not getting enough stimulus relief.

    On top of that, lets assume you were laid off of a $100k job. If you make $100k and can’t make ends meet on max unemployment (which keeps extending and extending) plus the covid relief ($600 per week), you are a terrible saver and have zero fiscal responsibility and were living beyond your means, and this is a great life lesson for you.

    Now – the people I actually feel bad for? All business owners (large and small), especially restaurant and bar owners. That shit they did to them was CRIMINAL. We will look back at what was done to those guys as 1 of the biggest botch jobs in the history of our country.

    • People are in debt etc and and need help. Although I think they should not do stimulus without opening they can do a stimulus, China prints money all the time what’s the difference. And the extra 600 ended in early August mate. Since then, the entire service economy is in shambles which is our main income in US. You are really gonna suggest that the ppl forced out of their jobs go work for one the mega corporations still open? And if they don’t, they are lazy? That’s a jerk thing to say and flat insulting. Bro, ppl shouldn’t be forced to leave lucrative service careers for garbage coporate jobs that pay crap. You clearly do not understand the depth of impact on business, or the expanse of the US service economy pre covid. There are still entire industries closed complately for zero reason. No concerts, sports, festivals, bars still closed by 11 or earlier in most states, mandatory mask mandate in most states, etc.

      • You have a lot of good points. We are a service based economy because so many traditional blue collar jobs have been shipped overseas. You can’t ship services overseas, the best resource the USA has is the services we perform. Hotels, restaurants, bars, food trucks, comedy clubs, night clubs, etc.

  3. If the benevolent government was truely worried about helping the people get back on their feet they wouldn’t have dropped a 600 page bill on the american people. The Gov’ts number one priority is to get relected. So they have to payoff all those special interest groups that help them stay in office. Much of the first two stimulus went to people and organizations that didn’t need it. I am econ teacher and could go on and on about misallocation of resources (taxpayer money mainly). The democratic party is no longer the party of the workingman. It is the party of the elite. All you have to do is look at who actually finicially supports the party. If the elites that are always virtue signaling would put their money were their mouth (or social media posts) is they could really help some people who are struggling out…IMO. It is easy to spend 1.9 trillion dollars when it is somebody else’s money. Finally it is verry irritating that progressives always resort to name calling and stereotyping instead of using facts to support their argument.

  4. Sucks that Trump ain’t Prez anymore. He really was f’ing ROBBED – and everyone knows it.
    But now with the zombies in charge, have y’all noticed that nobody watches or listens to anything they say?
    The Swamp is ALL BULLSHIT. Liars, thieves, killers, pedo’s…
    They’re gonna lie, cheat and steal themselves to death.
    And Americans will one day rise again, when the dust settles.

  5. This is a circular firing squad argument. Dole out taxpayer money (and, yes, some do need it, through no fault of their own) but it will not be efficiently done nor will it only serve those who need it. The goal, other than lining the pockets of a few and pushing a socialist agenda, is to get people back to “work,” if the jobs are there. Many jobs will not come back and Joe Xiben’s crushing economic, immigration, and regulatory policies will slow organic growth and prices will continue to rise. Those still left standing (middle class and small businesses) will get taxed to death to feed the snake, the inefficient state(s), and the federal beast that mismanaged the pandemic, to begin with. And all the while we will be told that we are racist, transphobes, and America is awful. Oh and fuck the first two amendments for good measure. We do, though, have a middle east war to look forward to, so enjoy.

  6. A quarter of a century before the Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln said in a speech “that the greatest danger to the future of the United States would come, not from foreign enemies, but from that class of people which thirsts and burns for distinction.”
    The self anointed cannot support and maintain an edifice that has been erected by others, there is just as much ego in building up the country as in tearing it down.

  7. i feel like asking my democrat neighbors what they think, but i don’t think that they ‘think’ about their votes.

    they voted for a man that was never up to the job 10-20 years ago. Obiden is not smart and he is disabled clearly.

    how will they convince him to reverse the public transportation mask mandate, which makes travelling terrible, when Obiden doen’t know why he signed that order in the first place.

    where is the mental capacity test? are they gonna make fun of Obiden in his own party to get him out? then what? Kamala?

    both parents foreign born? i’m a child of immigrants and even i have an issue with that.

    its gonna get worse in DC folks. we need our states more than ever before.

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