Clay: American Big Tech Is No Different Than China

Facebook? Or communist China? You tell us the difference. Because it’s hard to tell if there is one anymore — especially after Facebook refused to allow Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law to post an interview with the former president.

That’s right. Lara Trump wanted to post something to Facebook. The social media giant said no. And its lone reason was the fact that the post involved Donald Trump.

“This is outlandish,” said OutKick founder Clay Travis. “And it’s crazy to me how many members of the blue-checkmark brigade are cheering blatant censorship. What’s happened in America — and I don’t think most people have recognized this, or it certainly hasn’t been talked about in a big way — is that China has the Great Wall of China for the internet, right? They filter what people in China are able to see, the government does, in an effort to promote nationalism and respect for their country.”

In other words, China does not have a “free and open” internet, Clay adds. And guess what? Neither does America, thanks to Big Tech.

Check out Clay’s entire take on this disturbing trend in the video below.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. The practical outcome is similar to China but Id say what’s going on here is more sinister. In China it’s unvarnished authoritarianism. Here it’s an unholy alliance between two entities, Big Tech and the elite political class. The elite political class gives big tech immunity from the law and the ability to operate as a monopoly in exchange for censorship to protect the political class from widespread exposure of their corruption. The corporate media goes along hoping to delay their destruction as long as possible.

  2. People: “But Clay, Facebook is a private company with terms & service agreements!”

    Also People: “Robinhood shouldn’t be allowed to limit trades on GME!”

    Fuggin ridiculous. People don’t apply these things consistently (for obvious reasons). They support companies to put rules in place when it supports their politics/worldview and oppose it when the opposite is true. At least when one bakery refuses to make a groom & groom cake there’s at least 50 other bakeries that will. When FB refuses to allow a person to use their platform it’s not like there are many other options. And when the other options set the same rules then you have to make your own platform which then won’t even be allowed to exist (i.e. Parlor). It’s like having cable/internet and the company that tells you to suck their balls and they are the only players in town.

    Another thing.. this whole justification for the “blackout” of DJT was the “insurrection”. Maybe I’m wrong but if Trump won (which is another debate based on how sketchy the last election was) I would like someone to tell me with a straight face that there wouldn’t be massive riots all over the country.. I mean these business owners didn’t board up their window pre-election for nothing.

  3. China is heavily invested in San Francisco Bay Area politics and the economy. It isn’t just Eric Swalwell. Dianne Feinstein had her office infiltrated by Chinese spys. Chinas involvement with Silicon Valley isn’t an accident or just about money.

    It is about soft power.

    Combine Silicon Valley together with Hollywood corps like Disney pushing China propaganda and you have the media all in on pushing an authoritarian leftist message.
    The CEO of Disney in his statement about firing Gina Carano talked about the need for “harmony”. That is a word that Mao used to violently destroy all free speech. Dissent = disharmony and must be suppressed.

    Go back to Lenin, Mao or Castro. None of them had the popular support of the people but they all had the control of the media and a violent “Red Guard” cadre in the streets.

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