Claudia Schiffer Turns 53, Still Has The Fastball

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After losing track of Claudia Schiffer at some point in the early 2000s, the name popped up on my timeline this week, annnnnnddddd holy hell…she’s now 53!

The legendary supermodel celebrated her birthday this week in Greece where she just happened to be in a bikini while a butterfly landed on her hand to say hello. The fastball is still there. The supermodel figure hasn’t lost a step. And from everything I can tell, she hasn’t been completely sucked into that loser Hollywood mindset where she has to lecture everyone on how to do yoga and eat correctly.

This is the same mindset that has turned such luminaries like Salma Hayek (56) and Elizabeth Hurley (58) into 50-plus superstars who are getting meaningful work (if they want it) and millions of ‘Likes’ on social media.

Add Schiffer to the list.

Yes, she’s selling butterfly dinnerware on her Instagram page, and that gets annoying, but we’re talking about one of the greats that many of us grew up with on the covers of damn near every magazine in the Barnes & Noble fashion rack.

And now she’s 53, you’re in your 40s and some of you are divorced and left trying to figure out what the hell happened to life and how the divorce lawyer sucked you dry and called you Dusty.

Just like that, life gets away from you. One minute you’re blown away by David Copperfield’s hair and how it swept Claudia off her feet, the next minute she’s been divorced from the magician for 24 years.

No doubt, time flies.

Now you’re busy after work trying to figure out which Tinder dates to go on; Which broad has the least amount of baggage and isn’t about to steal the rest of the 401k.

Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield at Academy Awards Show, March 25, 1996 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Getty Images/Bob Riha, Jr.)

You’re left wondering what happened to the last 23 years in Claudia Schiffer’s life. What did she do in her 30s when most models call it a career to become wives and do the wife thing?

According to her Wiki page, Claudia got married again in 2002 and had some kids.

You left college, got a job, a MySpace page, and lost track of the woman who graced posters all over your room.

Outside of a small part in Dharma and Greg and small movie roles in the early 2000s, the model disappeared.

That’s one of the real tragedies of the early 2000s in pop culture. So many of the stars of our times were lost for at least 20 years, but now they’re coming back with a vengeance. Tiffani Amber Thiessen turns 50 in January. Hurley and Hayek are going strong. Sarah Michelle Gellar has been ramping up the content. Jennifer Love Hewitt has new hair. Even Cindy Crawford is starting to get active on Instagram.

It feels like we’re heading into a 3-5 year run on nostalgia and Schiffer is well-positioned to be one of the big contributors to this run.

Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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