More Democratic States, Cities Open Days After Biden’s Inauguration

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Two days after Joe Biden’s inauguration, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that Michigan is reopening indoor dining on Feb. 1. Weird how that happened. And Michigan isn’t alone, other Democratic states and cities are so fond of the science found this week that they too are lifting COVID-19 bans.

Here are more details from the big week:

Washington, D.C.

Friday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Elizabeth Bowser lifted the ban on indoor dining, allowing restaurants and bars to return to 25% capacity.

John Falcicchio, Bowser’s chief of staff, announced the news:


Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot had good news for her city Saturday, announcing that Chicago is easing restrictions by moving to Illinois’ Tier 1.

The announcement means that restaurants in Chicago and Cook County will reopen for indoor service at either 25% capacity or 25 people per space, whichever is fewer.

Three days after the inauguration, things are looking up in Chicago. At least according to Lightfoot, that is.


Yesterday, the city of Baltimore returned to some semblance of normalcy as well:

Good to see Brandon Scott, Baltimore’s Democratic mayor, getting things under control this week.

*Check back to OutKick as more states lift COVID-19 bans.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Don’t be fooled…everything else Jojo is doing will torch the economy. We might see a brief boom but it won’t last.

    If anything I’m no longer voting for the uniparty anymore…the man has to have their head screwed on right before they get my vote.

    • I’m with you Ray. No longer am I voting Republican just because. Any candidate that wants my vote will have to prove their MAGA bonafides before I pull the lever for them. If I have to sit out, I’ll sit out.

      I always knew that Democrats were untrustworthy. If Trump accomplished anything it was demonstrating that the average Republican politician also has contempt for most Americans. 95% are no good, regardless of party.

      • Yes you 2 sit it out like people did in GA. There are some very dark days for freedom because of that. I can say at the federal level I will NEVER vote for a democrat. It would have to be a radical shift in their platform before I would. If Trump ran in 2024 I may vote 3rd party. He did a lot of harm to the country his last month in office and it was unnecessary. His rhetoric was awful but entertaining for 4 years. His policy was generally pretty good however.

        MAGA isn’t a thing there is no set of principles to it.

        • America first

          No wars or deployment of our military to foreign soil

          Reduced regulations on business to encourage job growth and return of manufacturing

          Constitutional originalist jurists

          Enforcement of immigration laws

          Yeah, no principles at all…….

        • There’s a reason why it’s called a uniparty…it’s a big club and we’re not in it.

          But if you feel better voting for traitors to this country instead of enemies of this country…go for it.

        • It takes two to tango. Are you going to sit back and tell me that the Dems behavior was totally fine? They incited an insurrection for 4 years. Or were you not paying attention? Prior to Trump, remember Dems running ads that Republicans want to kill Grandma, the ad pushing Grandma off a cliff in a wheel chair? I do. More recently they claimed that Governors that opened up would have blood on their hands. I guess they forgot to add the qualifier that it only applied while Trump was in office.

          Dems really didn’t like him because he wouldn’t roll over when they viciously attacked him. RINOs just want to go back to feeding at the taxpayer trough and bending over to Dems and media if they needed to….. so they left Trump twisting in the wind. And the media is just part of the DNC, not worth anyone’s time.

  2. I’m with Ray and Matthew and Americans should be pissed about being lied to on these lock downs and other illegal edicts never again and fauchi this dude should be prosecuted for going along with this political fraud of a disease discusting

  3. So this was never about safety but about getting Trump out of office. Anyone who supports Democrats gets what they deserve. The only people worse than these charltan Democrats are the idiots who support them. Anyone who supports a Democrat is an idiot.

    • I agree but the problem is that we ALL suffer because of the dimwitted Dem voters. Republicans do not understand how to fight. Trump laid a golden egg for the party and rallied up a strong base only to see the impact pissed away by do nothing, go along to get along RINOs and party insiders who would rather stay fat than win. The “party” never rallied behind Trump. If they had, we wouldn’t be constantly fighting uphill against woke ideology, insane Democratic rhetoric, and actions, and the onslaught of big media, tech, and the administrative state. The Republican Party platform needs a “stand your ground” plank. I still do not believe they get it.

      • The Dems always stick together and play hardball on steroids. Doesn’t get much lower than the actions of Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, and Newsome. Trump tried to show how to fight, but there are far too many weak, swampish, RINOs in DC that won’t stand up for their constituents. I’m not sure there’s enough nails, screws, and glue to repair the Republican Party.

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