Bengals Find Unexpected Backup Quarterback Option As Social Media Team Trades iPhone For Helmet And Shoulder Pads

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The Cincinnati Bengals may be forced to begin the 2023 NFL season without Joe Burrow. He was carted off of the field with a calf injury on July 27 and his status is unknown to those who are not inside the organization.

His teammates don’t even want him to play if he can’t be at 100%, but Burrow looks like he will be ready to go. He’s trending in the right direction.

Should Burrow have to miss the first few weeks of the year, Trevor Siemian, Jake Browning or Reid Sinnett would be tasked with filling in if the team chooses not to sign an additional signal-caller. Only Siemian and Browning saw time during Cincinnati’s first preseason game Friday, so it would be presumably one of those two. Likely Siemian.

However, the Bengals had another option at quarterback emerge during training camp.

Her name is Paige Hutchinson. She and Maggie Atcheson teamed up for the funniest video of the year thus far and dropped some dimes in the process.

Hutchinson and Atcheson run Cincinnati’s social media and are two of the best in the league.

They joined in on a viral trend earlier this month and ditched the iPhone for a helmet and shoulder pads.

It was time for the Bengals social team to go to work.

As Mike Hilton (the best nickel in the NFL) came out onto the field for practice, the two women told him to have fun at practice. Hilton said “you too” — kinda like how you always tell the guy checking tickets to enjoy the movie even though he isn’t going to watch the movie.

And then the chaos ensued.

Atcheson and Hutchinson hit the field in full uniform. They ran the gauntlet, hit the bags and worked the sled.

Hutchinson also lined up at quarterback and dropped two 15-yard dimes into a bucket!

Atcheson only caught one of the two passes, so her future might be in question. Her quarterback, though, is locked in for the No. 2 spot behind Burrow.

The Bengals might as well go ahead and name her the starter for Week 1 because if the former Heisman Trophy winner isn’t 100%, Ja’Marr Chase will want Hutchinson throwing him the ball!

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