Christina Aguilera Knows What A Girl Wants, Enters Lube Business

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What do you do after selling more than 18 million records? If you’re Christina Aguilera, you turn your attention to vaginas.

After spending decades pleasing ears, XTina’s out to do the same on a different part of anatomy. She’s now in the sex game as co-founder and chief brand advisor of Playground – a lube company.

Thanks to Aguilera, ladies will no longer need a genie in a bottle to rub them the right way.

“I like being a part of something that creates things that are not only pleasing but good for you and your vagina, which is the epicenter of everything for us,” Aguilera told Allure.

Let me be the first to admit that truer words about epicenters have never been spoken.

The lube business would appear to be a slippery slope, but Christina Aguilera’s not worried. She’s fully invested in doing right by women. And fittingly, she appears to know what a girl wants, what a girl needs.

“I’ve always wanted women to feel comfortable enough and safe enough to explore what it is that makes them feel good,” Christina Aguilera told Allure. “Embracing sexuality to feel empowered and raw and out there, if that’s the kind of woman that you want to be.”

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Did anyone have Aguilera, 42, pushing lube on their bingo card? Me neither. I assumed her fourth decade would include the occasional cameo on The Voice, a residency in Vegas and maybe promoting a trendy new vodka.

But alas, here she is taking care of the downstairs.

“The vagina goes through a lot, so we got to let it feel good. We got to make sure we pamper and nurture it, “Aguilera added.


Christina Aguilera is now in the lube biz. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images).

I did a deep dive through the Playground website so you, the reader, wouldn’t have to. Much like the lube, I’m a people pleaser. Anyways, it seems as if Christina Aguilera isn’t pushing just one lube. Playground offers four different varieties: Love Sesh, Date Night, Mini Escape and After Hours. All four cost $25 apiece.

Here’s hoping Christina won’t find any friction within the lube business.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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