Christen Harper Dances In A Bikini During A Behind The Scenes Reminder That Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Hits Stands Next Week

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The print version of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s latest edition hits newsstands on Monday. Who better to remind us of that fact than Christen Harper? She’s of course one of the models who will be appearing in the magazine.

On top of that, Harper has access to some behind the scenes footage from her shoot. She shared some of the footage that she grabbed during some downtime on her on-location shoot and used it to remind her social media followers that the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue was on its way.

Christen Harper Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
Behind the scenes look at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot (Image Credit: Christen Harper/Instagram)

According to a teaser SI Swimsuit shared a few weeks ago, the 2022 Co-Rookie of the Year’s shoot took place in Dominica. Which is a Caribbean island nation that, a quick Google search tells me, has natural hot springs and tropical rainforests.

The island’s information can be updated to include that it has had at least one Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot and a behind the scenes clip of a model dancing in a bikini on its shores.

That’s a bonus in my eyes. Not every island on the planet can say that. There might be some that can claim one or two of those things. But the list has to be a short one that has hot springs, rainforests, SI photo shoots, and models dancing in bikinis.

Back to the real reason you’re all here, Harper’s behind the scenes clip. She’s dancing as if she’s the only one there in a bikini that does not contain a ton of fabric.

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The first lady of the Detroit Lions is excited about the upcoming release and made sure to convey that in the caption, “Livinggggg for this @si_swimsuit bts because…. SI SWIMSUIT HITS THE STANDS ON MONDAY.”

She added, “Can’t wait for you guys to see these pics.”

That’s how you put together a behind the scenes clip right there. It doesn’t have be anything overproduced or chopped up bouncing from this scene to another.

There’s something special about the simple video taken on your phone during some downtime. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that Harper is a model dancing in a bikini helps a lot.

But this clip did exactly what it was put out on social media to do. We’re talking about Christen Harper and we’re talking about the upcoming release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

It’s been a big week in the Goff-Harper household. It was announced that the Lions are opening the upcoming NFL season against the Chiefs and Harper will be gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit hitting newsstand next week.

Written by Sean Joseph

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