Chris Webber On Anthony Davis: ‘I Don’t Know What He’s Proven’

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Anthony Davis stands 6’10 and has a wingspan of more than seven and a half feet. But neither his back nor his shoulders are big enough to carry the Lakers or anyone else, at least not according to Chris Webber.

When Colin Cowherd asked Webber about whether a healthy Davis might be the Lakers’ top option, Webber quickly called a time out and dismissed the possibility.

He says that AD works best when he plays second fiddle.

“I felt that he could be that missing piece for someone else. I don’t know what he’s proven (as the lone star),” Webber said while appearing on The Colin Cowherd Podcast.

Before he joined LA in the summer of 2019, Davis had just two playoff appearances in six seasons as the face of the New Orleans Pelicans. During that time, the Pelicans never advanced further than the second round.


That overall lack of playoff success — except for a title with the Lakers in the NBA “bubble” of 2020 — is the reason Webber remains doubtful about Davis’ leadership.

“He’s a wonderful talent, and he hit some big shots for LeBron,” Webber added. “I get that. But we’re talking about him being the alpha, and I don’t know when that’s worked.”

That’s simple — it hasn’t.

Of course, Davis’ defenders might say that he hasn’t reached his full potential because he has yet to complete an NBA season without injury. AD played in less than half of the Lakers’ games this season, a common theme throughout his career.

“I’m not as high on him, injury or not,” insisted Webber.

But Davis shouldn’t fret. As long as he and LeBron James both play in LA, Davis will never have to be the alpha. And win or lose, someone else will always shoulder the blame.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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