Chris Russo Can’t Figure Out How To Access Sunday Ticket On YouTube

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Chris “Mad Dog” Russo does not use an email service. He does not control his social media pages. He reads physical newspapers. Unless someone shows him, he doesn’t know what’s written about him online.

He does, however, have internet in his home. But that is only to stream live sports. And therein lies his gripe.

Since 1994, DirecTV has exclusively offered NFL Sunday Ticket, allowing subscribers to watch all out-of-market matchups. DirecTV offered the service as an add-on cable package (and later to streamers).

But DirecTV is no longer the home of Sunday Ticket. YouTube is.

Therefore, viewers no longer have the option to watch the package on cable. Through YouTube, Sunday Ticket is available to streamers only.

Thus, Chris Russo tried to sign up for the new version of Sunday Ticket on Monday. Here’s how it went:

Russo hasn’t been that angry since he learned he had to sign up for AppleTV+ and “The Peacock” to watch MLB games.

“[Putting games on Apple] is baseball fooling around,” said Russo. And I’ll tell you, that’s dangerous. That’s dangerous.”

His points are valid. The advent of streaming is a disservice to sports fans.

Let’s consider the upcoming NFL season:

Fans have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch Thursday Night Football. Peacock will exclusively stream one regular season game and one Wild Card weekend matchup this year. Some international games will also air only on ESPN+.

No wonder the technology-challenged, like Chris Russo, are irate.

But it’s not just people like him. Streaming has made it more expensive for viewers to watch sports. Streaming is. Fans still have to pay for cable in addition to several different streaming services.

Viewers have to access three streaming services (ESPN+, Amazon, Peacock), two cable channels (ESPN and NFL Network), and four broadcast networks (Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS) just to watch the NFL this fall.

College football fans have it no better. Did you know only Peacock subscribers can watch the 2nd-ranked Michigan Wolverines face East Carolina in Week 1?

UFC fans have to subscribe to ESPN+ to watch any pay-per-view event. As do NHL fans to view most regular-season hockey games.


That said, YouTube will be an improvement over DirecTV as the home of Sunday Ticket, the lack of cable offering notwithstanding.

Through DirecTV, the service was often nonfunctional. It would tell paying subscribers they were not subscribers at various points throughout the season, including Week 18 last year.

The customer service was egregious. The streaming component frequently crashed and directed users to dead links. The interface was also convoluted.

If nothing else, we suspect YouTube will provide a functioning service this season.

But we hear you, Mad Dog.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.

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  1. I’ve used YouTubeTV for years now, so for me to add on NFL Sunday Ticket was a breeze. But I’ve heard from friends not subscribed to YouTubeTV that signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket has been a mess. And this doesn’t surprise me. YouTubeTV and You Tube are owned by Google. Google is filled with brilliant techies, but probably very few of them are NFL fans or sports fans in general, unless you consider ‘Go’ or playing video games major sports. And they’re not used to having to deal with customers over the phone. Who talks to anyone over the phone anymore? (heh)
    In other words, this is a clash of cultures. I suspect there will be more hiccups initially. Week 1 might be a mess. And once Google gets a load of the fury of real sports fans, and the massive outcry that will follow, they’ll get it together. And…once they do, I think Google/YouTubeTV/You Tube will deliver a great service. Once they know what they have to do, they do it better than anyone else.

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