Chris Cuomo To Make Much Less at NewsNation Than He Did at CNN

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Chris Cuomo announced this week that he had joined the cable news network NewsNation to host a primetime show that will begin in the fall. 

Though Cuomo is returning to primetime, he won’t make primetime money. Cuomo will earn far less at NewsNation than at CNN, which paid him an annual salary of $6 million.

The New York Post reports that insiders believe Cuomo will average around $1 million per year at NewsNation. That is consistent with what sources tell OutKick the network has told broadcast agents it’s willing to pay what it considers “big-name” personalities.

Coming off an ugly ousting at CNN in which he was embroiled in multiple scandals, Cuomo didn’t have much of a market. He looks to regain status between NewsNation and his new self-owned podcast, The Chris Cuomo Project

NewsNation has received backlash for the first time since its inception following the announcement. Media members on both sides of the political aisle have issues with the signing.

The Right has never liked Cuomo and cringes at his lack of remorse. Meanwhile, the Left turned on him the moment he lost his megaphone at CNN. Liberals see Cuomo as no longer useful.

Critics also say Cuomo, a bombastic personality, contradicts the NewsNation moniker of straight news without partisanship.

While that may be, NewsNation is betting on Cuomo proving worth the risk. The network believes Cuomo can provide a significant spark to a primetime lineup that averages around 45,000 viewers.

For what it’s worth, Cuomo’s sit-down interview with NewsNation on Tuesday drew 187,000 viewers.

If Cuomo can draw between 80,000 to 100,000 viewers in his first year, NewsNation will consider a salary of $1 million a bargain.

Written by Bobby Burack

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