Chris Brown, Usher Perform At Festival After Fight At Roller Rink

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Chris Brown and Usher got into a fist fight after a birthday party at a roller rink.

And while that sentence sounds like it was pulled from a 2000s-themed Mad Lib, that’s allegedly what happened Friday night.

The two R&B stars were celebrating Brown’s 34th birthday at Skate Rock City roller rink in Las Vegas. By all accounts, they were having a great time.

Usher even grabbed the mic to sing “Happy Birthday” to his buddy.

But late into the night, the festivities got heated.

According to TMZ, Brown was attempting to talk to singer Teyana Taylor, who was sitting on a bench just outside the rink. But for whatever reason, Taylor didn’t want to talk to him.

But nobody ignores Breezy on his birthday!

That’s when Brown began yelling at Taylor, and Usher stepped in to try to calm him down. But if there’s anything we know for sure about Chris Brown, it’s that you’re not calming that dude down.

At this point, Breezy began yelling and cursing at Usher. Finally, Brown told his entourage they were leaving.

Clearly not remembering Brown’s track record, Usher took off his skates and followed them into the parking lot.

Although it would have been way funnier if he kept his roller skates on.

Anyway, an eyewitness told TMZ they saw Usher go behind some charter buses where Brown and his crew were standing. A short time later, Usher emerged with a bloody nose.

Let’s check in with the Internet for reactions.

The night after the alleged roller rink rumpus, Chris Brown and Usher put on consecutive performances at the “Lovers & Friends” music festival.

Neither of them have commented on the altercation.

But for the record, Usher’s nose looked fine.

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