Chris Brown To People Who Hate Him For Assault On Rihanna: ‘Kiss My Ass’

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Still mad about that time Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna? He says get over it.

In an unhinged, all-caps Instagram story rant Friday, Brown essentially presented a defense for domestic violence.

“If y’all still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17-year-old please kiss my whole entire ass,” he wrote. “I’m f***ing 33! I’m so tired of y’all running with this narrative.”

Ah, yes. The tired old “violently assaulting women is bad” narrative. And he was actually 19 at the time — not that it maters.

In case you need a refresher, though, the R&B singer beat then-girlfriend Rihanna until she was bloodied and bruised before the 2009 Grammys. He pleaded guilty and accepted a plea deal of community labor, five years’ probation and domestic violence counseling.

In Brown’s eyes, he paid for his “mistake” and everyone should forget about it.

Chris Brown To People Who Hate Him For Assault On Rihanna: 'Kiss My Ass'
Chris Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault after his attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown also has a long history of other legal troubles.

That rap sheet includes multiple counts of violence against women. But he probably wants you to forget about those, too.

“Y’all can suck my d*ck, disrespectfully,” Brown wrote on Instagram.

(In case you were thinking about doing that respectfully.)

But, of course, he had to make it about race, too.

“Where is the cancel culture with these white artists that date underage women, beat the f*ck out their wives, giving b*tches AIDS,” he rambled. “Oh. That’s right. They are your buddies. No more fake love from me. Stay out my way or get ran over. Simple as that.”

Then came the weirdest part of the whole rant.

Brown posted a series of pictures of various white celebrities who have been charged with or accused of violence in the past. These folks included Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Emma Roberts, Carmen Electra, Josh Brolin and more.

For the record, I’m not defending any of these people or condoning their actions. But “All of these people beat up their significant others, so that makes it okay for me,” just isn’t going to fly.

Chris Brown has recently faced backlash over an upcoming song with singer Chloë Bailey.

In fact, that’s likely what sparked his Instagram tantrum.

The Internet did not receive the news of the collaboration well, with many wondering why Bailey chose to work with someone who has a long history of abusing women

One notable critic was Cheetah Girls singer Kiely Williams.

“Let him come out with his own record—so genius, so captivating that it makes us all forget HE BEATS WOMEN,” she tweeted. “He can’t so he won’t.”

Brown wanted to make it about race. Kiely can play that game, too.

“So what does he do?” she wrote. “He slowly creeps back into the mainstream by getting small nods for features on Black Women’s merit. Black women who are more talented, more worthy, but give him the okay.”

In classy Breezy fashion, he responded to Williams’ tweet by making fun of her supposed lisp. He then went on some rant about how she must be sad and broke if she’s criticizing him.

Shut up, Chris Brown. Disrespectfully.

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  1. I liked his meltdown when he lost in the Grammys to crossover jazz / R&B artist Robert Glasper. Brown ranted on social media about “Who da f is this?”

    Who is Robert Glasper?

    Just a guy who can actually read music, play several instruments, and doesn’t need Autotune to sing …

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