Chip Kelly Explains Simple Reason Why UCLA Does Not Hold Long Meetings With Players

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Chip Kelly is coming off of his best year as the head football coach at UCLA. The Bruins went 9-4 and finished ranked within the Top 25 for the first time in his five years with the program.

A large part of their success stems from Kelly’s understanding of his players. More specifically, the 59-year-old works hard to understand their generation and what they need to succeed.

As such, UCLA does not hold long meetings. They don’t meet longer than 30(ish) minutes.

You’re dealing with the ‘TikTok Generation.’ You don’t have to agree with that or whatever— they are. They learn in short bursts. That’s it […]

So we don’t meet very long. But again, that preparation part… our coaches are unbelievable at their presentation and how they present them. And they keep the players engaged.

— Chip Kelly

Kelly cited a book called ‘Brain Rules,’ by University of Washington professor John Medina. Medina says that classes should not be longer than a half an hour because today’s generation of college students do not pay attention.

In an era where information is at our finger tips and content is constantly in front of our faces, scrolling through short, quick-hitting information has become the norm. Attention spans are shorter than ever.

For Kelly, the challenge lies in bridging that gap. How can he take long, detailed information and deep concepts, and turn it into something that will reach his guys? When is he going too far?

It doesn’t matter what you know, it matters what they know. If you keep asking questions and checking their understanding and they don’t know, then maybe you’re running too much. Maybe you got too much in and you got to simplify things a little bit.

— Chip Kelly

Here are Chip Kelly’s full comments on why UCLA doesn’t do long meetings:

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