Former Sec. Def. Says Chinese Spy Balloon Should Have Been Blasted Much Sooner, Jim Acosta Seems Baffled As To Why

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Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta thinks the Biden administration waited way too long to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon.

An F-22 finally shot down the Chinese spy balloon Saturday afternoon off the coast of the Carolinas after it was allowed to cross the entire country without being taken down.

Panetta, who helped oversee the Osama Bin Laden raid thinks action should have been taken much sooner.

Should the Chinese spy balloon have been shot down immediately?

While the Biden administration did eventually take down the balloon, it was far too late in the eyes of Obama’s former Secretary of Defense.

“If [it were a spy balloon] and if we were aware of the balloon, I think we should have taken steps to prevent it from entering our airspace and I’m not sure that we should have allowed it to simply crossover the country, crossover what were obviously sensitive military sites. I don’t see the logic of that,” Panetta said during a CNN appearance with Jim Acosta.

The Chinese spy balloon was shot down Saturday. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The former CIA director and Sec. Def. further added, “So the question obviously is, the Pentagon said there were risks here. I understand that argument that there were debris risks. At the same time, I think we should have acted earlier if our suspicions were valid that this was, in fact, on an intelligence mission. I hope in the future we make clear to China that this kind of incident cannot happen again, and it will not happen again. That in the future, if we see that kind of balloon … If they don’t take action to prevent that balloon from entering our air space, that we will indeed shoot it down much earlier than we did this time around.

Notably, Jim Acosta seemed openly baffled by what Panetta was saying about the shoot down happening way too late.

Leon Panetta believes a shoot down should have happened sooner.

Does anyone really disagree with Panetta? Is there any large group of people who don’t work in the Biden administration who are okay with letting a spy balloon just fly across the United States?

As we saw from the videos of people watching the shoot down, people were FIRED UP about the communist spy balloon coming down.

Whether you agree or disagree with Panetta’s politics, he knows a lot about foreign policy and intelligence. Again, he helped oversee the raid to turn Osama Bin Laden into fish food.

Seriously, what was Acosta thinking when he openly asked whether or not Panetta meant it should have been shot down over Montana.

That’s clearly what Panetta was saying. He couldn’t have been more open about it. As shocking as it may sound, many people don’t like Chinese spy gear floating over the United States.

Does the CNN host not know that? Is he not able to comprehend the facts of the matter? Reality check: it’s never a good idea to let China just float spy equipment over the entire country. That’s even more true when it flies over sensitive military sites.

Why did President Joe Biden wait to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon? The balloon was shot down Saturday. An F-22 hit it off the coast of the Carolinas. Why didn’t it happen immediately? (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Next time Beijing and the CCP decide to mess with the United States of America, we should make it clear our skies are locked down to their commie gear. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I don’t care if Jim Acosta isn’t able to comprehend this very basic outlook.

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