Chinese Man Goes To Prison For Scaring Neighbor’s Chickens To Death

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The chickens were — well — chicken.

A Chinese man was sent to prison Tuesday after sneaking onto his neighbor’s property twice and scaring his chickens to death.

The Hunan man, identified only as Gu, used a flashlight to terrify his neighbor’s birds. The panic-stricken fowl then trampled over each other in an attempt to escape the flashing light.

The first time Gu trespassed, 500 of the chickens were trampled to death. Police caught him and ordered Gu to pay his neighbor, identified as Zhong, 3,000 yuan. That’s $436.

Apparently, this infuriated Gu because he returned for a second time to finish off the rest of his neighbor’s feathered friends.

Chinese Man Goes To Prison For Scaring Neighbor's Chickens To Death
A man competes in a chicken catching contest in Guangzhou, China. Which is apparently a real thing that happens there. (Photo by Zeng Linghua/VCG via Getty Images)

A total of 1,100 birds tragically died in the two massacres.

When asked for comment, Gu said “Chickity China, Chinese chicken.”

Never mind. That was Barenaked Ladies.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what would drive someone to commit such a heinous crime.

Apparently it was all part of a deranged revenge plot. Back in April 2022, Zhong chopped down Gu’s trees without permission. And a year later, it was the chickens who paid the ultimate price.

A court ruled Gu “intentionally caused property loss” to Zhong and determined the 1,100 dead birds were estimated to be worth a total of 13,840 yuan.

That’s $2,015 or roughly 106 of Colonel Sanders‘ 8-piece extra crispy buckets.

The court ordered Gu to serve six months in prison with one year of probation.

Fly high, Zhong’s chickens.

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