China Won’t Carry LeBron’s ‘Space Jam’

Film critics say Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James is one of the worst movies ever made. I’m going to trust the experts on this one so that I can avoid watching it myself. In LeBron’s mind though, it doesn’t matter how bad the film is. As long as it blows up at the box office, any humiliation would be worth it. However, the film isn’t on track to be the financial success LeBron and WarnerBros. had hoped either because China has yet to greenlight the film for release.

This is particularly humorous as LeBron has pledged allegiance to Chairman Xi for more than three years for the sake of Space Jam‘s revenue.

Without China, Space Jam 2 is likely to lose several hundred million dollars. As Clay Travis noted on Twitter, Space Jam cost $200 million to make and market and is expected to earn only $60-70 million without a release in China.


LeBron has worked hard for China’s friendship. He told members of the NBA to shut up and dribble for Xi, was willing to spread dishonest information about American history, and even ripped the First Amendment of the US Constitution in hopes of releasing Space Jam in theaters near where COVID originated and where Uyghur Muslims are detained in concentration camps.

Worst of all, LeBron tacitly admits that his career-long “More than an Athlete” campaign is a fraud each time he refuses to speak up for basic human rights in Hong Kong.

All that for nothing. Damn.

While this kick in the nuts from Chairman Xi undoubtedly hurts, don’t expect LeBron to criticize China for refusing to carry his movie. LeBron still needs Xi for his Nike brand.

OutKick has reached out to WarnerMedia’s HBO Max on the topic of China’s ban. We will update this article if and when we hear back.

What’s the best way to sum up LeBron’s failed efforts here: poetic justice or simply hilarious? Your call.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Once again Bobby and Outkick have been caught lying and gaslighting without the facts :

    As it turns out, the new Space Jam is a success. With a projected $32 million opening weekend, the sequel is the biggest yet for Warner Bros. during the pandemic, even surpassing movies like Godzilla vs. Kong. The critical reception has been a bit more mixed, but nevertheless, Warner Bros. – and James – are thrilled with how well Space Jam: A New Legacy has been performing at the box office. On Saturday, James addressed those who boycotted the movie by touting its box office success.

    “Hi Haters!” LeBron James said on Twitter, attaching a link to the news along with the grinning emoji.

  2. I’ll keep my measley $20 for SJ2. Not even a thought to go see it. Ball Don’t Lie, where do you get your facts? From CNN and ABC? You sound like someone who surpasses 5th graders only by the 2% milk you drink instead of the straight gains of Whole Milk.

  3. Outside of basketball, LeBron should only be talking about one thing: marrying and staying with the mother of his kids. Talking more about that might actually help the country. Instead he makes comments about matters about which he is ignorant, as well as this awful movie.

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