China Warns U.S. Not To Boycott Winter Olympics

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China has now warned the U.S. not to boycott the Olympics after the Biden administration said Monday that it is considering joining allies and sitting out the 2022 winter games.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled for February in Beijing. The U.S. and other nations have grown increasingly concerned with the horrific human rights abuses taking place in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. The Chinese government is now also said to be torturing Christians who refuse to renounce their faith.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson rejected accusations of abuses against ethnic minorities in China and threatened an unspecified “robust Chinese response” to a potential Olympics boycott.

“The politicization of sports will damage the spirit of the Olympic Charter and the interests of athletes from all countries,” said the spokesperson, Zhao Lijian. “The international community, including the U.S. Olympic Committee, will not accept it.”

Human rights groups throughout the world have protested China’s hosting of the games.

“It [a joint boycott] is something that we certainly wish to discuss,” State spokesman Ned Price told reporters when asked about the Biden administration’s plans ahead of the international games. “A coordinated approach will not only be in our interest but also in the interest of our allies and partners.”

Price indicated no firm decision has been made, but support for an allied boycott appear to be growing.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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    • I wish NBA reporters would put a mic in LeBron’s face TODAY and ask him point blank what he thinks the U.S should do about boycotting! We know what he thinks, but the veil would officially be lifted with a sidestepping of the question or silence.

  1. This threat would never have come out of the Communist China’s mouth if Trump were in office….that’s just a FACT. Smart Americans already know where our Left Wing Commiecrats in Congress and social media CEO’s are pushing us towards……..THIS is where the uneducated, uninformed, indoctrinated, low IQ, lazy Americans that prefer welfare who voted for Biden will truly find out if we’re going to stay The United States of America or if we’re going to become The Bitch States of China. If our Congress doesn’t answer this threat with a big F-YOU to China TODAY, then you know what our Commiecrats answer already is, regardless of any answer they give.

  2. Let’s see. We are on year 2 of an undeclared WWIII, and the country attacking the World with a virus is thinking they are calling the shots? (Wait until they find out all this money they are paying their shills was a complete waste. Eventually, they will be as isolated as in the time of Mao. Lesson Learned: It’s hard to take over the World without a Navy…)

  3. i’m a news junkie and i have not seen any real reporting or an Obiden comment that says USA would boycott. remember our state department bent over for China in Alaska and agrees with China that we have racial human rights problem.

    NBC is in real deep on broadcasting two olympics within 8 mos of each other.

    and Obiden has already decided we must go all electric cars, which means we have to buy rare earth minerals from China. the same way we used to buy all our oil from the saudis back in the 1970’s.

    China has Obiden’s balls in a basket.

    i won’t watch olympics anymore.

  4. China complaining about the “politicization of sports” is hilarious. So when they cut off all NBA streaming and kicked the NBA out because of a Daryl Morey tweet, that wasn’t politicization of sports? We should boycott and have our own allied winter olympics.

  5. Dementia Joe will probably flip flop his decision 30 times before 2022.

    Don’t bother to ask LeFraud….he’ll be as quiet as a field mouse when a rock and hard place scenerio comes up.

    This is another situation I miss having Trump as pres.

  6. Yeah, let’s listen to China and not do damage to the Olympic spirit…like say, the damage to the spirit of millions of Christians trying to avoid being disappeared in China. Yeah, heed China’s warnings, because they care.

  7. Joe Xiden PINO is China’s most prominent anal swab. Lil’ Joey likes the swabbing, Hunter skunk smokes the swab. China bought them, they own them. The Biden Crime Family will do whatever the CCP tells them to do. We get it. America Matters.

  8. Now that they”ve put the possibility out there, the Bidet administration could easily be accused of cowardice where the Chinese Communist Party is concerned if they don’t follow through. Of course, the Bidet family has a lot of money riding on their relationship with China.

    Hunter’s got a buttload of Chinese money.

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