WATCH: Video Shows Child Ripping American Flag From Lawn As Parent Watches

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On Saturday, a video went viral showing a young boy on a scooter stop in front of a home and furiously pull an American flag from a stranger’s front lawn before tossing it aside.

Accompanying the young boy was his mother, who spectated over the scene caught on camera, with over one million plays since its posting.

Showing no conviction for the tasteless act, committed less than a week after Americans celebrated Independence Day, the two continued on their afternoon stroll.

In a moment that encapsulated the nation’s divide in defining the American flag — led by proponents of critical race theory and the BLM movement, on account of their founders — the indoctrination on display stokes ongoing concerns over what the next generation of Americans are second-handedly accepting as radical ideologies dominate the media.

Celebrities and athletes across pop culture have pushed a message to redefine America based on its past sins, which continues to sow distrust in the media for their coverage of the messaging, and distrust among fellow Americans.

In the past month, numerous stories have surfaced over U.S. Olympic athletes planning to destroy or reject American symbolism at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

From Gwen Berry’s cold shoulder during the anthem, to a transgender BMX rider announcing intentions to “burn the flag” on the world stage, a disconnect between Americans and American figures populating headlines continues to mislead America’s youth through a tainted perspective on the United States.

Underneath the star-studded propaganda from the media is a concurrent battle with teachers unions, whose decision-making now is setting up classrooms to teach anti-American ideals as the defining identify of the nation.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. We are in a dangerous place when parents allow their kids to vandalize and steal private property this is not going to end the way these people think it could get ugly when you go through life looking to pick a fight you usually get your wish.

  2. If I lived on that block, the little brat wouldn’t have that scooter very long. I’d make it up to them by planting plenty of Trump flags on their front lawn. The mom could resell them and buy the brat an even nicer scooter. A win-win.

  3. I’d happily cover their one way plan ticket to a communist/socialist country they’d rather live in…I’ve heard Cuba, Venezuela and Wuhan are nice this time of year.

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