Chiefs Wide Receiver Rashee Rice Wants People To Know He’s Okay With Puking

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No one enjoys revisiting their lunch, but Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Rashee Rice is fine with it.

At least during practice. On his own time, who knows?

On Wednesday, Rice — a second-round pick out of SMU — was taking part in the first day of Chiefs training camp.

According to the website Arrowhead Pride, multiple sources reported seeing Rice vomiting during practice.

Now, that could be a real cause for concern, but do you know was apparently not concerned about it? Rashee Rice.

After practice, Rice recounted something he had told the Chiefs coaching staff.

“I told them,” he told the media. “‘To be honest with y’all, I don’t mind puking. That just means I’m working as hard as I can so that I won’t puke anymore — and will be ready for the games.”

That’s right, it’s all part of conditioning. I’m not sure some medical professionals would see it that way, but there are a lot of coaches out there who would be happy to see a guy willing to work so hard that he starts blowing chunks like he’s doing a Herb Brooks bag skate after a rough night in Norway.

Rice reiterated that he knew this sort of thing comes with the territory of being an NFL wide receiver.

“They always tell us to come [and] be in shape,” he said. “This is like a track team as far as our wide receiver group. So we come [in] knowing that we’ve got to be expected to run until the game is over — or until practice is over.”

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