Chiefs Survive, Patrick Mahomes Loses MVP Lead

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Dolphins (33-27) by barely surviving, again. 

As I’ve argued for weeks, the Chiefs play well for one and a half good quarters a game. In addition, they keep each game close and can’t cover a spread. 

Kansas City has won 12 games and has played poorly for stretches in 10 of them. The champs either a) fall behind early and need to win the game late; or b), come out hot then fail to put the opponent away. In both cases, the final possession decides the game.

Sunday’s ugly win highlighted both trends. Kansas City fell behind 10-0, got hot in the second quarter and early in the third — only to struggle by nearly blowing a three-touchdown fourth-quarter lead. For the fifth straight week, the Chiefs failed to cover. (Yet, Vegas keeps handing them large spreads. Bet on the Saints tomorrow morning, fast.)

Historically speaking, the Chiefs are a poor 12-1 team. They can’t put it together for an entire game. In the red zone, no team is worse right now. Defensively, the Chiefs are closer to bad than average. What’s more, the offense is playing carelessly, leaving multiple points on the field weekly. 

If last week’s sluggish, mistake-ridden game against Denver didn’t wake Kansas City up, the vehicle isn’t asleep at the wheel. Instead, it’s flawed with problems not easily fixable. This isn’t light-switch anymore, it’s an identity. For five straight weeks, the Chiefs’ problems have glared.

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Alarmingly, none of Kansas City’s recent opponents are Super Bowl-caliber. This style of play will not beat the Bills, Steelers, Packers, or Saints. 

As for Patrick Mahomes, he has gone from MVP frontrunner at the end of the first quarter versus the Bucs, to clear No. 2 with three interceptions on Sunday. His interception total was his case over Aaron Rodgers. Now, Mahomes has thrown more picks than Rodgers*, four fewer touchdowns, and his passer rating is several points behind. 

Last December, Kansas City was the NFL’s hottest team, which led to a Super Bowl victory. This season’s version is going in the wrong direction. 

*Aaron Rodgers is playing in the afternoon window and currently has two touchdown passes.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. ‘The champs either a) fall behind early and need to win the game late;’

    That’s also ironically how they won last year’s playoff games and Super Bowl.

    Besides covering is for Vegas gamblers…winning ugly is still winning.

  2. Well you’ve been successful garnering more clicks and a response by your garbage analysis. They should just call Bobby the clickbait bitch at Outkick. Completely worthless. Zero people care about about the line, especially when they’re winning games and right on track to the one seed.

    And, I believe your dumbass said the chiefs wouldn’t stack up well with the bills; a team they’ve already destroyed this year. Take your nonsense somewhere else.

  3. “A poor 12-1 team”. LMAO, they are the ONLY 12-1 team. Yeah , they play crappy for a half and still win every game. What does that tell you , Einstein? And yes, NO and Pitt really looked “Super Bowl caliber” today. 95% of OKTC analysis is excellent. This is not. You seem to have something against the Chiefs that clouds your view.

  4. Just admit it man!! You don’t like the Chiefs or Mahomes!

    Be honest and you’ll gain much more respect and TRUST among your readers. Honesty and transparency are two of the major reasons I became a member at Outkick. However, your bias is more than glaring at times.

    Also, a win is a win, and, it sucks being wrong anytime it counters your beliefs.

  5. Go read my smackdown on his last anti-Chiefs thread where he called a 34-21 Dolphins win (despite Mahomes never losing a pro game by more than 8). Literally called the game to a T, offered to bet him and give him 3x that the Chiefs would at any point in the game have at least a 2 score game, etc …

    and Outkick is paying this guy? Oh I get it, he’s trying to be a Skip Bayless, just without the talent …

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