Chiefs Fans Ready For Thursday Night Football Nice And Early

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If you thought you were ready for Thursday Night Football, Chiefs fans will put your excitement to shame.

The Chiefs faithful were at it hours before gates even opened for their Week 2 meeting with the Los Angeles Chargers.

More than eight hours before kickoff and Chiefs fans are showing up in full force in the middle of the week. These folks probably burned vacation day (or feigned illness) to party it up before kick-off.

If you think about it they’ll probably have to take another day off tomorrow. Oh well; four-day weekend.

According to USA Today, the line of fans waiting to crush some mid-week beers was causing traffic delays in the surrounding areas.

The line got so insane that stadium officials decided to open the gates an hour earlier than previously scheduled.

That’s just lucancy.

It’s all well and good now, but my brain always drifts to the idea that all of those people will be trying to leave teh stadium at the same time.

Probably safe to bet that moods won’t be at their best then, especially of the game doesn’t end up going the Chiefs’ way.

Lucky for all the fans who trekked out to Arrowhead for the game, they won’t have to get frustrated trying to find Thursday Night Football.

The game will only be available to stream unless you happen to live in the Kansas City or Los Angeles areas.

You can get all the details on how to catch the game right here:

It’s going to be a madhouse all day, that will reach its crescendo around the time the game gets underway.

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