Chiefs’ Flaws on Display in Chad Henne’s Save

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On 4th and inches with less than two minutes to go, Andy Reid had Chad Henne line up in the shotgun, in what appeared to be an attempt to draw the Browns offsides, and told the backup QB to throw it. Henne threw it, completed it, and won the game.

And the run that set it all up:

Now, to the bigger story. Patrick Mahomes left the game in the third quarter and did not return with a concussion. His status for next week’s AFC Championship matchup with the Bills is unclear. OutKick’s Dr. Chao says it’s possible that Mahomes is cleared for the Bills’ game, but that a concussed player often misses the next week. Chao explained the steps:

“Here is how Mahomes can be cleared to play vs the Bills. The injury is later to be ruled not a concussion. If any doubt, the concussion is ruled during the game in the name of safety but that determination can change later. If Mahomes has no symptoms tonight or tomorrow, he can start through the concussion clearance protocol and barring setback, could clear by next Sunday.

“Normally the chances are that a player would not clear. Given the indirect mechanism of concussion, I think there is a good chance Mahomes will clear if he has no symptoms post game.”

Either way, I like the Bills to win.

I’ve argued for a month that the Chiefs won’t beat the Bills. Kansas City’s flaws were on display before and after Mahomes went out today: the offensive line is poor, the defense is average, the kicker cannot be trusted, and the team can’t put anyone away. The Chiefs have not won by more than a single possession since Nov. 1 versus the Jets.

Mahomes also suffered a toe injury early in the game that negatively impacted several throws in the second quarter. Should Mahomes play next weekend — and we all hope he will — his toe injury is worth monitoring.

As for the Browns, that is devastating. Chad Henne just did that to you.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Yeah, Bobby, sure.

    Of all the defending Super Bowl Champions with the best record in football hosting their conference title game, the Chiefs are probably the worst ever.

    I mean, when they lose their best player they barely…still…win…again…


  2. Alternate headline –

    “I Hate the Chiefs”

    If, if, if. If Jackson doesn’t throw a pick six and if the automatic Justin Tucker makes a couple of kicks, Ravens win. That’s football.

    Another take is that the Chiefs won a game without their all-world QB and starting RB. Got a huge stop when they needed it and made a great call to seal the win.

    What will the excuse be next week if the Chiefs win?

  3. “I’ve argued for a month that the Chiefs won’t beat the Bills.”—Bobby

    Because first you argued that the Ravens would beat the Chiefs

    Then that the Steelers would

    Then that basically anybody else would and that, ‘yeah the Chiefs keep beating everybody…but’

    And now you’re on the Bills, one of the four teams playing this weekend that KC has already beaten ON THE ROAD.

    Now you’re praying that on the fifth or sixth time you pick against the Chiefs, you’re finally right ONCE so you can say, “Ha! I was right all along!”

    What a clown.

  4. I look forward to the article about the flaws the Chiefs have after they win the Super Bowl.

    Could be worse…I watched those Steve Bono-Lin Elliot years or the Dick Vermeil coached teams score 40 points and have Greg Robinson’s defense give up 45 points playoff games. Now THAT was flaws.

  5. If KC hits an extra point, 33 yard gimmie fg, and don’t throw a pick in the end zone this was at least a 29-17 or a 33-17 game (if Henne gets them in the end zone)…all without Mahomes in the game. It should not have been close without fluke mistakes. They won’t make mistakes like that from here on. That was 2 weeks of rust.

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