Chicago Bears Come Crashing Back Down To Earth On MNF

The Chicago Bears had a 5-1 start to the 2020 season. In those five wins, they won by an average of four points. They haven’t won a single game by more than seven points. Those stats alone had many questioning the legitimacy of this team.

On Monday night, the Bears proved their naysayers right. The team dropped its second game of the season, this time to the Los Angeles Rams (5-2). But it was not just that Chicago lost. It was how they lost.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy summed it up nicely during his postgame press conference: It was “one of those [games] you never want to be a part of, but we were.”

A final score of 24-10 may not look that bad on paper, but the reality of the game revealed that the Bears were always just a paper tiger. They cannot hope for any long-term success with an offense that is that inept.

Starting quarterback Nick Foles completed 28 of his 40 pass attempts (70 percent) and threw for 261 yards. Unfortunately, he also tossed two interceptions and zero touchdowns and was sacked four times. The former Super Bowl MVP could’ve had two scores, but he overthrew one and tossed the other out of bounds.

Things are ugly in Chicago. The 5-2 record does not tell the whole story.

The passing game is getting no help from the rushing attack. The offensive line created no push, and the running backs created no opportunities for themselves. David Montgomery and Cordarrelle Patterson combined for just 49 rushing yards on 17 carries, good for only 2.9 yards per rush.

Play-calling didn’t help either. In fact, Brian Griese mentioned during the Monday Night Football broadcast that Foles expressed concerns about some of the calls himself:

If true, Foles’ statement is telling. The players know that Nagy’s schemes won’t work.

With the New Orleans Saints (4-2) and Tennessee Titans (5-1) coming up in the next two weeks, Coach Nagy and company better get things heading in the right direction. Otherwise, the Bears might find themselves in a 5-4 situation with three straight division opponents to follow.

With the loss on Monday night, the Green Bay Packers (5-1) have now taken control of the top spot in the NFC East.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. -The most vanilla play calling i’ve seen. My brother and I predicted roughly 80% of the play calls giggling in dis-belief every time we were right
    -O-line can’t block a low winter sun.
    -Defense couldn’t tackle. After the 3rd or 4th bootleg and end around I was sure Pagano would instruct the defense to seal the edge….NOPE
    -Cordarrelle Patterson always returns kicks… 99% of the time sprints to the sidelines at around the 17.
    -Again…Nagy calls pathetic. Red zone 1st down. Quick slant or jump ball to Jimmy Graham? Nah….better idea…let’s run Cordarrelle Patterson up the middle at Aaron Donald for a yard…..brilliance

  2. It’s not just on the Bears offense. The Rams D is really good. I’d say next to the Steelers they’re the best. There isn’t a ton of big time talent on offense for Chicago, so they’re going to have trouble scoring against a D like that. Chicago isn’t as good as their record. They’re an 8-8 type team imo.

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