Check Out The Real-Time Reactions To Ross Chastain’s Unbelievable Move At Martinsville

Ross Chastain pulled off a move for the ages to snag himself a spot in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

Chastain’s quick thinking to ride the wall around the top of Martinsville Speedway earned him 5th place on-track, and 4th place after Brad Keselowski was disqualified.

The move has garnered a lot of attention ever since the checkered flag was waved on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday night, Chastain’s team, Trackhouse Racing, released a video that contains In-Car audio of other drivers and teams reacting to the No. 1’s last-ditch effort to make the Championship.

The reactions are gold, Jerry.

The first one we hear is Joey Logano’s team radio. The spotter for the No. 22, Coleman Pressley, was just doing his job, letting his driver know what was happening around him, until he got distracted by the No. 1.

“Ross rode the fence outside of you. Outside, Outside!” Pressley said. “Holy cow… I guess it does work.”

At that point, you can see Chastain sail past Logano who let out a stunned, “Holy s—! You see that?”

“Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

The driver of the No. 14 Ford Mustang, Chase Briscoe, had a great view of it.

“That’s literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” to which his spotter responded that Chastain had pulled something straight out of a video game.

While other teams’ reactions are fun to hear, nothing is quite as cool as the audio from Chastain’s team radio.

You hear him being told he needs to get two spots on the final lap to make the transfer into the Championship. Then watching him gun it and put his right side into the wall is unbelievable.

It’s certainly cool to have everyone’s reactions on record because that move will be on highlight reels for many years to come.

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