Georgia Football Set To Reload At Running Back With Monstrous Four-Star Commit Lifting 630 In Buc-ee’s Shorts

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Georgia football pumps out ridiculously strong running backs like no other program in the country. Chauncey Bowens is not the exception and… he’s not even in college yet!

The four-star running back took 630 pounds for a ride on the hex bar like it was no big deal back in June. And he did it while wearing Buc-ee’s shorts, which is great.

To put that number in perspective, Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson put up 700 pounds on the deadlift last month. He is 6-foot-6, 325 pounds and 33 years old.

Bowens is 5-foot-11, 219 pounds and has yet to begin his senior year of high school!

If that wasn’t impressive enough, he recently re-upped to 635 on the deadlift and benched 365.


Bowens, a Florida-native in the college football recruiting Class of 2024, was committed to play for the in-state Gators up until June when he flipped to the Bulldogs. There are still a few months to go in his recruitment, but the commitment is firm at this point. He is headed to Athens as soon as January if he chooses to enroll early.

Either way, Kirby Smart is reloading in the backfield.

Chauncey Bowens is going to be a BEAST for Georgia.

Bowens ran for 2,251 yards and 23 touchdowns on 318 carries thus far into his varsity career. He will either run through you, run by you— or both!

If his strength and on-field play isn’t impressive enough, Bowens has been clocked as fast as 10.88 in the 100-meter sprint. His burst down the backstretch is stupid.

Bowens is young for his grade, so he only figures to add more mass at Georgia once he gets on a college strength training program and diet. His frame is going to set him up well for success in the SEC, and he has an impressive ability to read a defense for someone his age.

With a natural forward lean and ridiculous lower body strength, Bowens often seeks contact instead of trying to avoid it. He’s a thick downhill runner with home run speed.

Sound familiar?

Remember the name Chauncey Bowens because he’s coming and he’s not slowing down to get out of your way. It’s just a matter of whether you want to get out of the way or get run over.

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