Chatter Turns to Possible Saturday Bills-Chiefs Game, If Players Get Paid in Forfeit

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The NFL news cycle is moving at a break-neck pace, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up. The league surely has contingency plans in their back pocket, but they haven’t told us what those plans are. So, we are left to speculate and follow a trail of bread crumbs about what happens next. Here’s a summary of where things stand right now with the Titans situation and what some reporters are saying.

1. Yet another Tennessee Titan tested positive for Covid today. The Titans held a workout last week in violation of the NFL’s Covid protocols, and the league will likely make an example of them. Possible consequences include fines, loss of draft picks, and even a potential forfeiture of this week’s Bills game.

2. As I wrote Wednesday, the NFL should bite the bullet and add at least Week 18 to the schedule, because it feels highly unlikely that this will be the last time they’re met with a scheduling conundrum.

3. Dianna Russini of ESPN reports that the league is also considering another scheduling idea:

At first glance you’d think that the NFL would never want to move a game from Thursday to Saturday and go up against a slate of big college football games — Georgia and Alabama face off that night, for example — but right now Chiefs-Bills is already set to go up against the second presidential debate. So perhaps the NFL is less concerned about viewership than about completing its schedule.

5. Whether the debate actually happens next Thursday night also might be in flux. It was just announced that the debate will be virtual. President Trump then responded to this change on Fox Business, saying he won’t participate in a virtual debate. Idk. Your guess is as good as mine about what happens.

6. Let’s circle back and talk about the scenario where the Titans forfeit to the Bills. If that happens, do Bills players get paid? There’s a little bit of a debate here:


We will keep you updated on the developments of the twists and turns of these stories as they become available!

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