Charly Arnolt Unloads On ESPN For Political Programming Policies, Applauds Sage Steele, Sam Ponder

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Charly Arnolt hopped on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom and demonstrated precisely why she is a perfect addition to the team here at OutKick.

Arnolt started her appearance by talking about one of the sports world’s most hot-button issues: transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Specifically, Arnolt discussed how some of her former colleagues at ESPN — Sage Steele and Samantha Ponder — have veered away from the company’s typically woke-first agenda in favor of *gasps* common sense following the Biden administration’s move to expand Title IX to include gender identity.

“ESPN has been very adamant about keeping politics out of their programming, yet you just saw late last month, they did a whole tribute during women’s month for Lia Thomas,” Arnolt said. “Therefore it doesn’t exactly seem like they are keeping politics completely out of the mix.

“I have to commend these two women for standing up for these women who unfortunately are losing so much of the success that they worked so hard for.”

Arnolts said that she hopes ESPN addresses the topic that Steele and Ponder brought to attention. She then went on to do what the wokes hate, but we love at OutKick: she started spitting some facts.

“Let’s be quite honest about Lia Thomas: as a man, didn’t really do much, didn’t move the needle, run-of-the-mill swimmer,” Arnolt said. “Enters the women’s division starts breaking records. Completely obliterating any type of success that these women could ever hope to reach.”

Charly Arnolt Talked About Those Scared To Support Women’s Rights

Fortunately, biological women have people like Charly Arnolt, Sage Steele, and Samantha Ponder in their corner, because — sorry, ladies — you don’t have Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, or Billie Jean King.

Although, would you really want them?

“I think there are a lot of women who are uncomfortable standing up for women’s rights because they don’t want to be considered politically incorrect,” Arnolt said of successful female athletes who suddenly did an about-face and became anti-biological female athletes.

“It’s really crazy where the world has gone and where this conversation has gone,” she said. “And it’s a very slippery slope.”

Charly Closed By Flying The OutKick Flag

After giving some takes on hot-button issues — something you can look forward to plenty more of — Charly explained why she left ESPN to join the team here at OutKick.

“I’m a very opinionated person,” she said. “I always have been. That’s something I’ve always loved about myself.”

That’s good. Unfiltered opinions tend to do well here.

“I just felt like at ESPN I was a little bit stifled,” Charly explained. “There was a lot of conversations and issues that have really just permeated the world of sports — and really just society in general — that I was not able to speak up about and it made me very uncomfortable because I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself.”

Enter OutKick.

“Then there’s a place like OutKick where really the idea of cancel culture doesn’t exist. And you have a guy like Clay Travis who really stands behind everyone who works at the company and says, ‘Listen, you can say whatever you want, as long as you are convicted in what you’re saying and you really believe in it; you have nothing to worry about.”

“That is the exact type of company that I would like to work for.”

Welcome to OutKick, Charly. You’ll fit in great around here, and we’re excited to have you!

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