Charles Barkley Wants To Cancel Aaron Rodgers’ Man Bun

If woke cancel culture is seeking volunteers (and when aren’t they?), they likely have one in Charles Barkley. The Round Mound of Rebound is attempting to cancel Aaron Rodgers’ offensive haircut.

Can ya blame em?

Chuck took aim at A-Rod’s mane when the quarterback joined TNT’s Inside the NBA earlier this week.

“He got that wilderness look going on,” a laughing Barkley said of Rodgers, who joined the show alongside well-groomed QB counterpart Tom Brady. A moment later, Barkley’s cohost, Shaquille O’Neal, asked for Rodgers to “release the ponytail.” A smiling Rodgers threatened to do as much, before opting to keep his locks on lockdown.

Barkley needed just a quick glance at Rodgers’ ponytail to voice his displeasure.

“A man bun? That’s not a thing,” said Barkley. “That’s called you’re too cheap to get a haircut, you can’t make it up something. Get a haircut, Aaron.”

Though they didn’t publicly say so, Chuck’s comments had his TNT cohosts and Brady laughing along in agreement. Rodgers took the dig in stride, smiling and nodding.

Just don’t expect the Packers QB to actually take Barkley’s advice — he generally doesn’t work well with cancel culture.

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Written by Anthony Farris

Anthony is a former high school basketball intramural champion who played a leading role in creating two offspring. He spends his weekends hoping for an MTV Rock N' Jock revival.

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