Charles Barkley Shows Off Miraculous New Swing, While Kirby Smart Warns Fans To Watch Out At Alabama Golf Event

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Sports celebrities were on the golf course this week in Birmingham, Ala., for the Regions Pro-Am. Auburn alum Charles Barkley showed off his improved golf swing, while Georgia coach Kirby Smart’s game needs some work.

The evolution of Barkley’s swing could only be classified as a scientific miracle. Somehow, there were enough golf professionals around the world to come together and fix what might have been the worst swing on god’s green earth. Through hard work and determination, Charles Barkley has saved his golf game, which looked like a car crash just a few years ago.

It was so bad for the ‘Inside The NBA’ host that people were putting together highlight reels on YouTube just to laugh at his hesitation swings.

But nobody is laughing now. Thanks to swing coach Stan Utley, people can start believing in miracles again.

It sure wasn’t easy, as Utley had to rebuild the former basketball star. It started in 2018 and now five years later, Barkley looks like a completely different man.

Charles Barkley has finally found his golf swing.

No more laughs from the gallery, besides when Chuck is cracking a few jokes. Judging by the way Kirby Smart was hitting on Thursday, he might need a lesson or two from Barkley.

Kirby Smart Warns Fans To Watch Out

If there was one golfer who could relate to the fans lining the course, it was Georgia coach Kirby Smart. He did the proper thing by warning every single person within shouting distance that he was about to send his ball at least two holes over.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart prepares fans for his upcoming tee-shot.

There were times during the round that Kirby actually hit a few nice shots from the fairway, one spectator told me. But judging by his warnings before teeing off, Smart did not trust himself to not take out a few fans like a Georgia linebacker against TCU.

“Y’all think I am playing,” Kirby told the crowd as he waved them away from the tee-box area. There was a chance he’d slice one straight into the chest of a casual fan just minding his own business. Judging by his reaction to his shot, the Georgia head coach should probably focus on going after his three-peat, leaving the golf to the professionals, like Charles Barkley.

“Oh no…I didn’t kill anybody,” Kirby Smart said after his tee shot. No, but he could certainly take an eye out with that slice.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart, Georgia head football coach, at the NCR Pro-Am prior to the PGA TOUR Champions Regions Tradition at Greystone Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Tracy Wilcox/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

Well, at least we got that cleared up. But the main takeaway from Birmingham this week was not SEC scheduling or Nick Saban not attending. This was all about Charles Barkley continuing to improve his golf game, which looked unfixable just four years ago.

In the end, a lot of money was raised for the Children’s Hospital Network, which is all that matters.

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