Charles Barkley Responds To Heckler Like Only He Can: ‘F*** Your Mama’

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Pesky NBA fans would be wise to keep their mothers away from Charles Barkley.

Unless they’re seeking a step dad.

While standing amongst a crowd gathered outside of Golden State’s Oracle Arena, site of the tv set for Thursday’s edition of TNT’s Inside the NBA, a Warriors fan continued to hound Barkley. “Chuck, Chuck…Chuck,” yelled the creep, over and over again.

Barkley, a Hall of Famer and lifelong member of the All-Quote team, mostly ignored the fan’s overzealous attempt at getting attention. Then Sir Charles does what he does best and delivered in the moment.

“If you don’t leave me alone, I’m gonna come to your house and f*** your mama,” Barkley said, briefly turning his chair in the direction of the annoying fan.

The quick-witted response from Barkley drew instant laughter and cheers from those in attendance. Only one person, presumably the fan who’s mother was nearing an unexpected date with Barkley, seemed disappointed with the response.

Chuck’s version of a “your mama” joke wasn’t his only contentious interaction with the Golden State faithful. Following the Warriors’ 112-87 Game One win, the crowd began chanting “Chuck you suck,” in Barkley’s direction.

Fortunately for the sake of Barkley’s libido, he offered a different response to the evening’s second round of heckling. “You’re right, and you suck too,” said Barkley, stopping his analysis mid-sentence.

His response was met with cheers from the crowd and relief from those mothers watching at home.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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