Charles Barkley Has Advice on How to Survive Cancel Culture

There may only be one way to survive in 2021. And if you communicate digitally, it’s already too late.

As companies fire countless employees for old emails, tweets, and Facebook posts, Charles Barkley brags that he’s bulletproof. Barkley won’t deny he’s made some fireable comments according to 2021 standards. But unlike the rest of you, he hasn’t put them in writing.

“I’ve never sent an email,” Barkley said on The Steam Room with Ernie Johnson. “I know how to respond. I don’t know how to do one. I don’t know how to initiate one. But I do, I can respond. I will admit that. 

“To all you idiots, fools, and jackasses out there, it’s alright to talk bad about people. We all do it. But we don’t leave a paper trail. I talk bad about people the old-fashioned way – behind their back. I don’t put it in writing.” 

If only Jon Gruden and every athlete drafted in the past five years could take that course.

Cancel culture will lead to a resurgence in phone calls. Not only to save your job, but also your relationship. You just know as soon as you send that text about your wife, your buddy’s wife will eventually see it on his phone.

Don’t hit send.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’d appreciate Barkley more if he’d drop the vax harassment stuff. He’s right there in the middle of the left on all that bull, and that might actually be why he’s not canceled yet. That is completely out of place from his other views like a piece of broccoli sitting on top of cake.

    If you have an opinion on something then look around to find a bunch of left wing socialist lunatics saying the same things, that should be a red flag to at least slow down and re-examine that opinion. It’s not a sign of being cool or hip, it’s a sign you more than likely have missed something important.

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