Changing Rupp Arena’s Name Is A Horrible Idea

Rupp Arena. This is why you can’t negotiate with the woke community.

They are never satisfied. The only reason why the woke community exists is because they are perpetually unhappy.

If you haven’t noticed, the black faculty at the University of Kentucky have demanded that Rupp Arena’s name be changed.

They aren’t happy because Adolph Rupp has a racist past. Well, go figure.

Adolph Rupp was a coach in the south in the 1940s and 1950s.

His name, by God, was Adolph. It’s maybe a good sign that it was a long time because no one is Adolph anymore.

In fact, Adolph Hitler killed the name Adolph.

In order to be named Adolph, you had to be born before World War II began and before the Nazis.

There is no one in the world that I’m aware of is now named Adolph and that’s entirely because of Hitler.

Adolph Rupp is an old dude. He’s so old that his name is Adolph.

Not surprisingly, he had racist beliefs as did every single other person who lived in the 1930s, 1940s, and the 1950s.

He also had a tremendous amount of success.

This is just proving my point. The woke community is never happy.

There is always something that they are offended by in history because they are perpetually judging the past by standards of the present-day.

As a result, this is what all the tearing down of monuments and renaming is about.

This is about a destruction of history.

I am firmly in the camp that Kentucky should not rename Rupp Arena. But I will be fascinated to see this debate play-out because I think the vast majority of University Kentucky graduates and the vast majority of the people in Kentucky are going to be opposed to it.

In fact, I think Mitch McConnell, who is a big University of Louisville guy, I think he could probably win the U.S. Senate race without having to have an opinion on a single thing other than whether Rupp Arena’s name should be changed.

I think this is something that 85-90% of the State of Kentucky believes that there is no reason to change the name of the arena.

Even though I didn’t go to Kentucky, I care because every time you give in to the woke community, you set the precedent that if people complain enough that you will change things that otherwise shouldn’t be changed.

This is a significant issue. I care about the precedent of appeasing all of the woke losers by perpetually and constantly adjusting our standards for what’s acceptable to try to make them happy.

It’s not about the change. It’s about the power that they gain by demanding the change. And the fact that people don’t understand this drives me crazy.

Look, I’m not a big NRA guy. I”m not a big gun guy. I was born in the south. I support the 2nd Amendment. But I’m not a huge gun guy.

What I respect is that the NRA calls everybody on this BS. The NRA recognizes that the goal of people who want gun control is not actually to have gun control it is to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

And they believe if at any point you acquiesce and attempt to appease people who disagree with you, they are never satisfied.

They will never say, ok now that you’ve made this change, we’re cool with the 2nd Amendment.

Their goal is to slowly chip away at your foundational rights until there is nothing left of your foundational rights.

That’s what woke people do. That’s what they are about. It’s about power and a reason to legitimize their existence.

It’s not about anything that leads to constructive change.

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  1. I sort of want to beg to differ here: I had no knowledge of Adolf Rupp as a person and totally get Clay’s argument here about never giving into the Woke community’s fascist hysteria. But I think the smart play here is for UK to find a willing sponsor and bidder that will shell out 8-figure naming right contract, and to rename the new arena and convention center by the sponsor’s name (as long as it is not something idiotic like Amazon’s Climate Pledge Arena). Feel like the Cubs and the Red Sox are leaving so much money on the table for not doing a naming right partnership (and money they actually could use this year) on Wrigley Field and Fenway Park that it just doesn’t make financial sense. People will adapt to new corporate names so let that be the narrative rather than holding onto marginal history such as the name “Wrigley”. And I am lifelong Cubs fan!

  2. I look at this in a similar way as I do to people who want to sanitize Huckleberry Finn. The great American novel has utterances all over the place which, if said in 2020, would be, by almost any standard extremely racist. The reason not to sanitize a classic like that is because it dilutes the time, place and message of the work. It becomes less meaningful. To me, it seems as if this is the goal of cancel culture.

  3. Hey Gang,
    No longer does it matter if you’re a BIG GUY on any topic. You’re not a big NRA guy? What does that even mean? Virtue signaling on the fence? Don’t even mention the NRA and then walk it back…not so clever. It’s become a binary choice, as the rad leftists (Jemele Hill comes to mind) like to point out. Ask the St. Louis McCloskey’s if they were BIG NRA guys before they mob descended on their property. Jemele proclaims either you’re right or wrong…NO WIGGLE ROOM. So ask yourself…no equivocation…everybody needs to ask…you can’t be a little bit left or right…you can’t be a social lib and a fiscal con…no longer good enough. Say what you REALLY think or zip it. Virtue signaling has been cancelled.
    I don’t give a rat’s azz about the shrine of Kentucky basketball. Bill Russell wrote about the black team members having to go into a Lexington, KY hotel through the back door in 1961…and not being seated in a Lexington, KY restaurant before the Celtics exhibition game The entire team walked out. I’m embarrassed by that. We don’t need virtue signaling because the left doesn’t give you points for that. They don’t give a rat’s azz. Let’s maybe stop pretending this is a debate and thinking we can score some points with clever rhetoric. Just sayin.

  4. Clay, you are absolutely correct that a)You can’t negotiate with the woke community b) They are absolutely never satisfied c) The only reason the woke community exists is because they are perpetually unhappy………………I hope and pray that more Americans begin to understand these points about the woke community. I try not to get angry. I try to remember that love begets love.And I do truly believe that love begets love. And when I speak with friends and family, I try to explain as calmly as possible that we are in dangerous times and that the woke community will not stop until they have destroyed our country. But I still have friends and family who think Biden will make everything right…..I will end this comment with something Clay has said, something I have said, and something many other readers here at Outkick have said….Thank God for Outkick! (I might have gone insane without it)

  5. What’s next….
    Rename all the Confederate States? (Roll Tide must go! Along with Rebels and Tar Heels.)
    Rename the Mississippi and Suwanee Rivers?
    Rename Clemson University, Yale University and others?
    Then once we get America cleansed, we can go after Germany, South Africa, Mongolia.
    But NOT China — the NBA won’t allow it.

  6. Would be great if the Redskins never really came up with a new name and fans just kept using the name Redskins.

    Meanwhile arena’s will change their names in hopes that they won’t have to kneel anymore or paint BLM in front of the school.

    Names changes won’t stop. And this Political correctness won’t stop until we stop acting like speech police.

    Read your Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  7. This is neo-Marxism bubbling over. The ultimate intent is to tear down America, all of it.

    It’ll be Stalin’s Gentle New America, with Starbucks, Netflix, and gluten-free cookies, and killing fields.

    Lots and lots of killing fields, where ideas and individuals are permanently canceled.

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