Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla Is Obsessed With The Movie ‘The Town,’ Might Watch It Several Times A Week

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Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla is apparently absolutely obsessed with the movie “The Town.”

The 2010 film with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner follows a group of bank robbers in Boston. The gritty action drama was one of the roles that helped Affleck inject new life into his career and propel Renner to superstar status.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 13 years since it first hit theaters. Over that time period, it’s definitely stuck with Mazzulla.

An old clip from January resurfaced and went viral of Mazulla talking with Brian Scalabrine and not denying the claim he watches the movie four times a week.

Mazzulla’s love for the film was cemented as real after he wore a shirt with the famous quote “Whose car we gonna take?” after eliminating the 76ers last weekend.

The scene is one of the most iconic scenes in the film as Affleck’s character needs to unleash some pain with Renner’s character’s help.

“The Town” is a legendary film.

The fact Mazzulla loves the film isn’t surprising. Anyone who has seen the film seems to absolutely love it. It’s one of the grittiest films of the past two decades.

It’s unbelievably dark and depressing at times, and the pacing just doesn’t let up. From the start of the film through the legendary shootout at Fenway, “The Town” keeps the pedal to the medal.

The Affleck-led hit also has one of the best ending scenes in cinema history.

The cast of “The Town” was also stacked with an absurd amount of talent. Jon Hamm, Blake Lively, Chris Cooper and Rebecca Hall all had significant roles.

We’re talking about the kind of lineup you rarely see come out of Hollywood. The dialogue was elite, the acting superb, an elite storyline and all of that combined to give fans a phenomenal film.

In fact, if Mazzulla – a pillar of Boston at this point – didn’t like the film, he should probably be fired on the spot.

Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla loves “The Town.” (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

You know what today seems like the perfect day to do? Rewatch “The Town.” Let’s fire it up, gentlemen!

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