‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Contestants Miss Easy ‘Field Of Dreams’ Question

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Jeopardy is the ultimate feast-or-famine game show. It can take you from looking like a genius to an absolute babbling moron on a dime.

We got to see a bit of that on a recent episode of Celebrity Jeopardy in which contestants missed a layup of a question.

The game featured comedian and left-wing shill Patton Oswalt, pro basketball player Candace Parker, and actress Torrey Devitto.

The answer alluded to the classic 1989 film Field of Dreams, but it wasn’t a baseball question or a film question. The Jeopardy folks just wanted to hear three simple words:

What Is Iowa?

Notice the score. Patton Oswalt is a smart guy and had bolted out to a $2,500 lead over Parker. Meanwhile, Devitto still needed to get on the board.

That could explain why she came out guns-blazing and said “What is Wisconsin?”

I can see how that mistake could be made, what with all the corn hats Packers fans wear.

Candace Parker and Patton Oswalt may need to brush up on their states a little bit. (Getty Images)

Other Celebrity Jeopardy Contestants Didn’t Have Any Easy Time With The Question Either

Needing to make up ground, Parker answer next. She gave a reasonable, but still wrong answer, “What is Nebraska?”

I get how she came to that conclusion. The Nebraska Cornhuskers for instance could lead her down the Nebraska path. Plus, their fans do wear corn hats. Still, just because a state has corn and is big on corn, doesn’t make them the Corn State.

However, things got worse for Parker when you learn a bit about her family history.

Oh, come on, Candace…

Meanwhile, Patton Oswalt stood there biting his tongue. There was no sense taking a stab at it and losing some money if he didn’t know the answer. But who doesn’t know that Field of Dreams took place in Iowa? Even if they haven’t seen the movie, I feel like most people pick that tidbit up through pop-cultural osmosis.

Patton Oswalt capped off an absolute floor-waxing of his two opponents in Final Jeopardy by correctly answering “Who Is Cap’n Crunch?”

…They let the celebrities off easy, don’t they.

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