CDC: Just 6% of Covid Deaths Occurred Without Co-Morbidities

Total3.5K This past week the CDC finally seemed to get fed up with the coronavirus hysteria that has existed in this country since March. First, the CDC released new guidelines saying there was no need for asymptomatic people to get tested if they were otherwise young and healthy. That’s even if you were exposed to More





Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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    • Its disgraceful what the schools are doing, my 8 year old is on the two day a week plan, mask all day, even though the teachers don’t wear them, and we’re actually the lucky ones because all the metro areas in our state are completely closed. Yet in every one of those metro areas the YMCA’s and other places are having “fall camps” and its business as usual with no problems. Fascinating that kids can go to a pay for play camp but not school!?!? As usual its the poor kids getting screwed in this deal.

      The worst is the ultimate Karen type teachers and staff at your kids school who treat every day like they’re being sent to Auschwitz. I had a teacher that refused to open the door for us in carpool, wanted me to get and open the door. Evidently touching our door was risking certain death. Idiots.

  1. My kids start school tomorrow. There are so many restrictions, that I’m not even sure that they’re going to enjoy it. For instance, at recess they’re still supposed to be socially distant. Seriously!? These kids have been playing together for months. They’re not even supposed to touch a soccer ball if it comes from someone else’s home…but they can kick it, just not touch it. They have to eat in the cafeteria all facing one direction, and must have a seat between them and the next kid. And of course, masks for everyone throughout the school.
    I can’t wait to find out about their day.

      • We’re sort of used to them, because the kids were supposed to wear them into & out of swim practice this summer (they rarely did, but I made them carry them, just in case), and in Minnesota, it’s a state mandate.

        Truth be told, we ALREADY call them face diapers in our house, so if anyone gets in trouble for the term, it’s going to be my kids.

        Oh well!

  2. Hey Clay,
    Thank you for all your efforts to lead us out of the desert. Is it any wonder this was turned into a dumpster fire…day-in and day-out the political class and the news media did their best to confuse and to propagandize at every turn.

    EARLY APRIL 2020: Drs. Birx and Fauci look down their noses and call questioning the reliability of Covid statistics “conspiracy theories”:
    “Those individuals will have an underlying condition, but that underlying condition did not cause their acute death when it’s related to a covid infection,” Birx said. “In fact, it’s the opposite.”
    The other lead medical expert on the task force, Anthony S. Fauci, also made a point to weigh in, warning against such “conspiracy theories.”
    “You will always have conspiracy theories when you have a very challenging public health crisis. They are nothing but distractions,” he said, adding: “Let somebody write a book about it later on. But not now.”

    And one month later…
    EARLY MAY 2020: Dr. Birx says she can’t trust CDC statistics:
    Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus task force response coordinator, blasted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during a discussion on COVID-19 data in a recent meeting, The Washington Post reported on Saturday.
    “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,” she told CDC Director Robert Redfield, two people familiar with the meeting told the newspaper. Dr. Birx is accusing the CDC of using an antiquated model to track coronavirus deaths that could be responsible for inflating the death numbers by as much as 25 percent.

    And the story changed in June and July; no surprise there.

  3. I have been making 2 analogies about people with co-morbidities or dying with COVID versus from COVID.

    The first is lumping people who commit Suicide with a gun into gun deaths, or even gun violence. Its just an artificial way to inflate the scary statistical data that makes people feel like gun violence is way higher than it really is. We all know they are technically “gun deaths” but rational people understand they aren’t the same.

    The other is more directly related to illness and death. Its very common for people with a terminal illness or recovering from a near fatal injury to catch a cold(or flu) and die. Its rare to say they died from the cold or flu. Its more common to say they died from their preexisting illness or injury as a result of their weakened immune system than a cold/flu.

  4. I have a friend who works in the Indianapolis Metro Police Dept dealing with human trafficking. She told me Friday that the number of teens who are being trafficked in the city has increased dramatically during Covid, the reason being that without the safety of school, they are driven out of their homes by abusive parents and wind up on the streets and wind up being pimped out. My son attends Indianapolis Public Schools, and as a child with high-functioning autism and severe ADD, if my wife wasn’t here with him, he wouldn’t be able to participate in e-learning. Now imagine all of the families who doesn’t have that option, or kids from abusive households, and the detrimental effect of not having the safe environment of school. It’s a tragedy that falls directly on politicians and bureaucrats who are more interested in protecting themselves rather than the students, along with the media and mostly well-meaning adults who promote and have fallen victim to the fear porn.

    This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening even after the election. If Biden wins, they will use this to keep people locked down and transferring more power to the state. If Trump wins, the media and Dem Governors and Mayors will ratchet up the fear mongering to a new level.

    • Excellent points Stephen. As a teacher coach of three and a half decades, I can tell you that at least, on average one third of students need the safety of school. And I have worked at inner city schools to wealthy schools, money ,color or culture is no different as far as being homes where mental or physical abuse occurred.. I can spot those kids easy cause I was one of those kids. Coach Bear

  5. Thank you Clay for this great article and ALL of these DR. types should read it and take heed this mass hysteria and wreckage of the economy is an absolute unnecessary tragedy foisted upon the American people. Look at the H1N1 swine flu back in 2009 which affected more than 60 million Americans and was a novel corona virus as well we didn’t shut down the economy or wear masks in fact i don’t recall much of anything being said. The difference there was a different administration in office this whole thing has been political out of the gate where were all these concerned doctors then right not a peep. Here’s a good read to add to your terrific article ” The Untold Truths about Covid 19 and Lockdowns “by Alex Berenson Amazon paperback. It’s the flu no more no less and 40 million Americans thrown out of work and business owners being treated as criminals by these corrupt politicians who forgot we have a Constitution and we are a free people.

  6. Very interesting comparison of COVID19 and Vietnam in terms of lack of transparency and outright deceit from our elected leaders.

    This morning I was thinking of Vietnam era mouthpiece who although they had every right to challenge the Vietnam war, did so in the most heinous fashion. While Jane Fonda was visiting the Hanoi Hilton and partying with our enemy, she commented that because no declaration of war officially existed, our prisoners were in fact criminals and deserved to be executed if that was the wish of the North Vietnamese Army. She said this about 18 and 19 year old American boys, most of whom were drafted into the service. Worse she was towing the company line the NVA used to savagely abuse our prisoners, the “no declaration of war” nonsense.

    Fast forward to present day, and Lebron James is doing the exact same shit, only he is demonizing and trying to criminalize the people we most depend on in this country, the first responder police that will come to your rescue in the worst times possible. Makes me absolutely sick, and I’m very confident his day will come. The man is due for a serious reckoning one of these days.

  7. I would like to know what the average number of deaths per year on a year to date basis is in a normal year. Anything over the average number of deaths per year could reasonably be considered due to Covid unless there are other mitigating circumstances which can be logically explained.

  8. I don’t know if Clay reads the comments, but there’s this TV show I watched called Turn: Washington’s Spies. These two people were talking, one is Robert Townsend, an inn keeper who is also an American spy. The other is James Rivington, a journalist who is a British shill. In this scene, Townsend is berating Rivington for pushing British propaganda nonstop, and then Rivington replies, it is difficult to speak truth to power when those in power do not care for the truth. I think we have a similar problem going on in our society right now.

  9. The high schools and colleges need stop panicking out every time a kid tests positive. In my county’s schools, you have to quarantine for 14 days if you sit near someone who tested positive. The local high school canceled last week’s football game because some players were simply exposed to someone who had Covid.
    Unless the authorities change their mindset, they will continue to do more harm than good.
    As Clay said:
    ” Treat covid like any other illness. Stay home if you’re sick, you’ll probably be fine.”

  10. I have asked a couple different times if anyone could name another time in our American history where we have shut down an entire economy isolated an entire healthy population ordered everyone to wear masks. Now i have lived awhile and i know the answer to that question that’s why i am guessing it has been crickets. This has been political from the get go and it is dangerous when you have so many in the medical field who should no better jump on board the hysteria train. Fauchi said early on ” i know its an inconvience” talking about all these people losing their jobs i don’t recall him saying anything in 2009 regarding H1N1 and yes he was still at NIH been there since 1980’s. Just another career politician that happens to have MD by his name disgusting.

  11. Data out of Italy in May indicated basically the same thing. The average age of death was 80 and 90% of deaths were with people who had AT LEAST 2 comorbidities.

    As Clay has stated from the beginning, 7500 people die everyday in America and this number hasn’t changed throughout the ‘pandemic.’

    This whole thing has been pushed to crush the economy AND to allow voting by mail.

  12. Just wait until they finally admit that there really is no “Sars-Cov-2” virus and all of this is to cover for damage done by vaccines and poor general health. There also is no “Covid 19” test. The PCR tests they’re doing don’t test for any virus.

    Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Andrew Kaufman have been right since January.

  13. I almost want to stop reading all these. Just makes me angry. Angry at the vast stupidity of what certain factions of this country have done and are doing. As a retired engineer, when COVID first reared it’s head, I started reading. A lot. And everything that is now coming out publically was known very early on. We just needed to open our eyes and eliminate emotion from the equation. And yet we made decisions that will cost all of us for years to come.

    • Yep, my view exactly. I kinda steel myself daily for the latest worse news.
      After the first couple of weeks, I knew they had made a huge mistake with lockdowns and ‘essential’ this and that. But the reality was it was going to be almost impossible for them to back out once it was in motion, and the political gains to be made were too good to pass up, no matter the cost to people and country.

  14. I’ve seen it more than once. Families outside, wearing masks, walking, strolling with their dogs, or on bikes. On beautiful sunny days, which are in short supply in the Pacific Northwest. I can only imagine the psychological impact on these kids, many quite young, as their parents bathe their kids in hysteria rather than reason.

    • Anything Trump does is evil and misleading. Its why people have been jokingly saying for a while that Trump should go hard core against schools being open and sports being played, in which case every mainstream media site in the country would be demanding schools be open and every sport be played.

  15. Our leaders will use this experience and apply it to control minds in the future. Literally, tens of millions of Americans are not capable of critical thinking. Thanks public schools and universities. Good bye freedom. We live amongst fewer and fewer self leaders. Why give up on life’s greatest treasures that the USA has given their citizens?

    • You’re absolutely right. Kids in schools don’t get taught how to analyze and react to anecdotal evidence. This is why so many young healthy people believe they have a non-neglible chance of dying from COVID and so many blacks believe they are likely to be killed by police.

  16. Facebook deleted my posting of your article saying it was false information. They are writing that Donald Trump said it and it is not true. ABC, NBC and CBS all wrote the same type of article. If I posted their version instead of Outkick’s I would have been fine. Zuckerberg approves of those outlets. They are in alignment politically with him and his staff. Mark Zuckerberg is a pro shut down guy. That drives more traffic to Facebook. I protested and I am awaiting a response.

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