Richard Sherman Reportedly ‘Drunk,’ Threatened To Commit Suicide Prior To Arrest

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Veteran NFL CB Richard Sherman was intoxicated when he threatened to kill himself during a confrontation with family members before his arrest early Wednesday.

The incident took place in a Seattle suburb, and the person who called 911 identified herself as “Ashley Sherman,” the free agent cornerback’s wife.

The caller said that Sherman was both “drunk and belligerent” and that he was “threatening to kill himself.”

The woman also said Sherman was “being aggressive,” that he wrestled with her uncle and “sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hang himself.”

Mrs. Sherman was paranoid, asking the police dispatcher to tell police, “Please don’t shoot,” and said her husband told her he would fight police if they arrived.

It’s been a tough go of late for Mr. Sherman, who continues to sit on the sidelines as a free agent while NFL camps get ready to open in a matter of weeks.

There was a rumor last week that Sherman was speaking to his old team the Seahawks about a possible reunion again, but to date, nothing has come of it.

The outspoken cornerback is facing several charges after authorities said he crashed his SUV in a construction zone.

He attempted to break into his in-laws’ home and then fought with officers, who used a police dog to apprehend him. He was booked early Wednesday at the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle.

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."


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  1. “Mrs. Sherman was paranoid, asking the police dispatcher to tell police, “Please don’t shoot,” and said her husband told her he would fight police if they arrived.”
    Given the state of unrest in and around Seattle for the last year, I’m not sure judging her as paranoid is fair.
    As for the 911 operator if she is not fired for the way she handled this she should be. Never mind that it was RS if someone calls under duress what the hell difference does it make when his birthday is.

    • I disagree about her being fired. She made a mistake, unfortunately it happen to be with the wife of a high profile person.

      Call takers are civilians who deal with alot, they are underapaid and deal with alot. Yes, she should be reprimanded, but to fire her is a overboard.

    • A date of birth lets them look up someones name to see who they’re going to be dealing with (any warrants, history, etc). That’s helpful information for the officers. There is nothing unusual or inappropriate about it at all.

  2. This reminds me of the incident when Junior Seau drove his car off the cliff in Oceanside. There’s probably a very bad combination of factors that lead to this, and unfortunately this might only be the beginning.

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