Cavinder Twins Reveal What Kind Of Men They’re Into And The Answer Will Shock No One

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The Cavinder twins — Haley and Hanna —revealed what they look for when it comes to fellas, and their answer may shock you.

It may, but in all likelihood it won’t.

The former Miami Hurricanes hoopsters were speaking to Tyler Cameron — he of Batchelor fame — on an episode of their podcast Twin Talk.

At some point in the conversation, the two sisters decided to talk about what they like to look for in potential suitors.

“I like athletes,” Haley said, per The New York Post.

Alright. I think we all saw that one coming from a mile away, but perhaps her sister Hanna will switch it up and give an off-the-board. Perhaps she swoons when a fella with a dadbod and thinning hair walks into the room?

“I would just say athletic, tall… athletes, probably.” Hanna agreed.

Welp. Sorry, dudes. Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise. They’re a pair of ladies who are high-level athletes and made names for themselves by being in great shape. Why wouldn’t they want the same out of a partner?

If you find that you don’t fit the bill for the Cavinder twins’ idea of a perfect physical specimen, you may have one of the intangible qualities they look for.

They’ve got a disdain for soft dudes, something OutKick’s David Hookstead talked about recently.

There you go. maybe you’re not exactly an athlete, but if you’re not some soft sap, you haven’t run afoul of one of Ms. Haley Cavinder’s red flags.

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