Cavinder Twins Hint At Joining The WWE

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The Cavinder twins might already have their next major career move lined up.

Haley and Hanna Cavinder recently announced their college basketball careers have come to an end, and it’s now time for them to pursue massive deals off the court.

The talented sisters, who are 22-years-old, have had a partnership with the WWE since late 2021. The WWE’s NIL program is designed to identify potential talent and facilitate their move to the wrestling organization.

It now sounds like they might be ready to crank things up to the next level.

Cavinder twins tease larger roles with the WWE.

“We love the WWE, their fanbase, the sport, the fitness side of it. That fits Hanna and I’s brand and aligns great with us. They’re a great partner and we’re very excited with the future with them,” Haley announced Thursday morning on “Today.”

Hanna added the duo also has a lot of other “long term deals” as well.

It’s important to note neither officially declared they’re joining the WWE. They just teased and hinted at the idea.

Some are suggesting it’s a done deal. If that’s the case, these comments definitely aren’t confirmation. Haley said they’re “very excited with the future with them.”

Does that mean they’re joining as talent in the ring? Does it mean they’re just going to do promo stuff? Things get interesting once you consider the fact the Bella twins left the WWE back in March.

Will the Cavinder twins replace the Bella twins in the WWE? (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Maxim)

That would indicate there’s a new opening for a twin duo to take over a role in the performances. Could that be the Cavinders?

It definitely seems possible. That just wasn’t confirmed on “Today.” Teased? Yes. Confirmed? Not yet.

Will Haley Cavinder and Hanna Cavinder join the WWE? (Photo by Joe Robbins/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

However, speculation will run rampant after these comments. Will the Cavinder twins be the next big WWE personalities? Time will tell, but it definitely can’t be ruled out.

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