College Hooper Pops Off After All-Out Search Party Somehow Finds Missing Contact Lens That Fell Out Onto Court

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North Florida senior Carter Hendricksen plays better when he can see. As obvious as that may be, it was on full display during Saturday’s college basketball game against Kennesaw State.

Hendricksen went to the rim early in the first half with hopes of scoring his first points of the game. He failed to make the layup and was hit directly in the face while trying to pull down his own board.

No foul was called and the Owls took the rebound in the other direction.

Most of the Ospreys got back on defense, but Hendricksen was slow to catch up. The hit to the head left him disoriented because of a finger that he took to the eye.

Hendricksen had one of his contacts knocked loose and couldn’t see.

North Florida called a timeout on its proceeding possession to address the issue. A search party went to work on the court and tried to locate the lost lens, which surely was not in the job description.

North Florida staffers were on their stomachs looking all over the court.

It may have been like finding a needle in a haystack, but it was eventually found on the floor.

Hendricksen went into the locker room to sort things out. He later emerged with his contacts back in place and the ability to see again.

That was evident in Carter Hendricksen’s stat line.

Hendricksen did not score a single point before losing his contact lens. He dropped 20 and two assists with four rebounds after losing his contact lens.

Unfortunately, contacts or not, Hendricksen’s performance was not enough to propel the Ospreys to victory over the Owls. North Florida lost by 14 and fell to 7-11 on the season.

Even in defeat, it just goes to show that it is easier to play basketball successfully when you can see. Who would’ve thunk it?

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