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On job titles

Friday, I announced that my new job title, as created by Screencaps readers, will be: OutKick Senior Director of Content and Screencaps For Real America!

It’s not the easiest job title to remember, but once I memorize it, you’re damn right I’m using that in career-advancement settings, especially at bars.

• Jake H., a VP at a credit union wrote back in February with a suggestion from the HR lady where he works who suggested Senior Director of Content for Outkick and Screencaps Services. As you can see, the HR professional’s suggestion was slightly modified, but she was clearly on the right path. That woman deserves a raise.

Jake, clearly a daily reader, shot me an email Friday:

Perfect Title! We’re excited for the joy you’ll experience listening to people repeat it back to you! Keep up the great work!


No, thank you, Jake.

On mornings in South Carolina with spring in full bloom

• Harry S. writes:

Shout out from Summerville, SC.  It’s beautiful here, azaleas in full bloom and pollen is almost all gone!  Loyal reader and have turned many of my peeps on to SC as well.

I know it’s supposed to be TNML, but wicked storm yesterday stopped me from mowing.  Too windy for getting off shore, so I mowed today instead.  Overseeded this year, and it looks great when mown (see attached).  Additionally finished walkway to fire pit and spring is ready for late evenings w/ neighbors.  All great people, mostly transplants (I am a local) from Connecticut, Michigan and northern Virginia, but not holding that against them as we all like beer & bourbon.  That is until the damn mosquitos force us to douse with 60% DEET, but that’s another story.

Keep up the great content as you are a fresh voice in the torrent of blue check screams.


Emails like this from Harry always put it into perspective just how short the spring season is here in the north where it’s a brisk 27-degrees this morning and azaleas blooming is like a month off. Just looking at Harry’s stone path has me wishing today was a down-and-dirty day in the yard spinning rocks around and into place to create my own path, but instead, it’s going to be a cut two pieces of subway tile on the wet saw for the beer tap wall and finish off a basement window project kind of day.

Kudos to those of you like Harry who are basking in the sun and enjoying those patio beers. It won’t be too long before I finally get back to that life.

On DIY indoor simulators

• Chris S., who showed off his indoor golf simulator that kept him busy in Wisconsin this winter, explains how the course subscription deal works:

I have 90+ courses. You get very little on the SkyTrak itself. I have a subscription to E6, which is what most of the indoor simulator places use. I had the standard license last year. It would have been fine to keep it at that level, but the guys I golf with pitched in, and we upgraded to the expanded this year.

The unit was 2K, the projector and screen were about 800, and we made a hitting mat. I own a machine shop, so we built a system that rolls up the screen when we don’t use it.

It is definitely worth it, and once you get it dialed in, it is remarkably accurate. We all slice the same way on there as we do in real life.

On people from Ohio receiving weird questions from northeasterners

• Dave H. writes:

Love Screencaps.

Saw your note on “are there trees in Ohio” and had to respond.  I am a fellow Buckeye, who grew up in Cleveland.  Many years ago, I went to college in upstate New York.  First week of freshman orientation, I was trying to impress this cute coed from some prep school in the northeast.  After hearing I was from Ohio, her first question was whether I had ever driven a tractor.  Well, yes, I had, since I worked summers on a golf course grounds crew.  Had to answer her honestly but just reinforced her stereotype that everyone from Ohio drives tractors.

Keep up the good work.

On the pig iron shortage

• Chris B. in Texas writes:

Ukraine & Russia have been supplying well over half of the global supply of pig iron, and now none is coming out of there. Steel prices have gone bananas.


I’ll add it to the list of things going bananas. I’ve had a pile of barnwood sitting around that I might be able to trade for a golf simulator.

On the Salt Life…in New Jersey

• David C. sent in this headline that isn’t exactly shocking:


At the end of the day, we are talking about New Jersey beaches. Now I know we have a large contingent of New Jersey readers a foursome ended up at my 2021 Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational and took home the pile of cash from the Closest-To-The-Pin challenge. I don’t want to sound too harsh here, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t have been shocking if a human skull washed up on a New Jersey beach.

And before you fire off an email, yes, I understand Lake Erie isn’t a picture of health. Trust me, the western basin of Lake Erie is a green fertilizer-infused algae cesspool by August.

On the OutKick mobile user experience

• Guy G. has a solution for those who want to eliminate the video player during your scrolling activities:

For the video to not take up the screen while reading, let the ad play through at the top, and once it’s over, you’ll be free to start scrolling without the ad being over everything. …at least on the Apple products.


Great advice.

Annnnnndddd that’s my cue to end this edition of Screencaps. The day is calling me. The kids want breakfast. The dog will want to go sniff the front yard. The wife wants to sleep in and I just want several hours of not looking at a screen.

Let’s have a great Saturday across this great country. For those of you hungover in bed, I hope you enjoy some Saturday morning entertainment.

Take care.


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