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Two teams wasted picks on quarterbacks Friday night

First up, the Houston Texans who took Davis Mills out of Stanford with their first pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. It came in the third round. This is the same Texans team that now has Tyrod Taylor and Deshaun Watson in the quarterback room…for now. Why was Mills a waste of a pick? Because the Texans will be picking a quarterback with the No. 1 pick in the 2022 draft. The hammer will eventually drop on Watson just for being accused of sexual assault which means Tyrod Taylor will then be thrown into an impossible situation.

The other wasted pick was by the Buccaneers when they selected Kyle Trask to sit around behind Tom Brady who’s going to play until he’s 50. Trask will be lucky to see the field even in mop-up duty. If you thought Aaron Rodgers was triggered by the Jordan Love pick, wait until you see how Tommy reacts to the Bucs taking a quarterback in the second round. Huge insult! Tommy turns 44 & now has new motivation.

By the way, according to Tommy’s Instagram Story, he will be at the Kentucky Derby with his horse-betting buddies. This guy is in such great shape that he can hit up the Derby at 43 and live to talk about it and then go play 20 NFL games. That’s an absolute warrior.

• Speaking of Louisville, the locals are mad that police had been putting up concrete barriers around a Kroger store about five miles from Churchill Downs. The Kroger store decided to modify its hours and close at 5 from Thursday-Saturday, but now the locals are furious. While the police aren’t saying it’s to prevent the lunatics from looting the store, it sure looks like the barriers are to prevent people from pulling up at the front door and loading up.

• Remember the days when you’d know about the horses 3-4 weeks before the race? Now I depend on the NBC four-hour pre-race special to get all my intelligence. My horse picks are turning into my wife’s March Madness picks. Hey, I like that name, give me the 4-horse and the 14-horse exacta.

• And in woke news, you’ll soon be able to choose many different skin tones for handshake emojis. That’s right, emojis are getting more inclusive.

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