Panthers RB Miles Sanders Thinks Aliens Take Over Human Bodies on Earth

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Evidence continues to come out suggesting that UFOs and/or aliens are, in fact, real. Carolina Panthers running back Miles Sanders is one of those people who believes that aliens exist.

When asked why aliens would want to come to Earth in the first place, Sanders comically responds, “because Earth is awesome.”

He explains that the vastness of the universe pretty much guarantees that there is life out there beyond Earth.

“You know how big the universe is, right?” Sanders asks rhetorically. “They’re here. Trust me, they’re here.”

Carolina Panthers RB Miles Sanders: confirmed big aliens guy.
Not only does Carolina Panthers RB Miles Sanders believe in aliens, but he thinks they are on Earth and replacing humans. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

The biggest revelation from the interview, though, is that Sanders thinks aliens secretly inhabit the Earth.

“I actually think aliens come on this Earth and then take over someone’s body,” Sanders says.

Whoa. That’s quite a revelation from Sanders.

He suggests that former Penn State teammate Saquon Barkley might actually be an alien based on his incredible physical prowess.

That makes a lot of sense, actually. Some of the athletes that we are fortunate enough to watch truly defy what we think humans might be able to do.

Those of us who are not professional athletes often marvel at the abilities of those who are. I could train my entire life and never accomplish the physical feats that these guys do.

If they are aliens, even better. That means there was nothing I could truly have done differently. All those dreams of playing Major League Baseball at 10 years old? Never had a shot. Only aliens make it that far in the bigs.

Actually makes me feel a lot better.

Thanks, Miles Sanders! We Are!

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