Carmen Electra Celebrates Her 50th Birthday By Firing Up Instagram

There are birthdays that signal you’re getting old and then there’s Carmen Electra celebrating her 50th birthday Wednesday in Palm Springs, California where she’s dumping out content on Instagram that will have her fans time traveling back to the mid-1990s when she dominated the content game.

To celebrate her 50th birthday and this monumental milestone for men around the country, let’s stop and think back to the Electra timeline. IN 1996, she first appears on a Playboy cover and turns that into a spot on Baywatch in 1997 that turns into appearances in 22 episodes and it was all over, Electra was officially on the Mount Rushmore of Content Creators in the 1990s.

Carmen Electra celebrating her 50th birthday; Electra on a Baywatch promo tour in 2013 / Instagram, Getty Images

Playboy would come calling four more times for covers and Carmen had no problems finding work with bit roles from shows like Reno 911!, to Tripping the Rift (13 episodes), Monk, The Simpsons & there was even brief work on the 90210 reboot.

The newly-minted 50-year-old Electra turned up earlier this month on Fox’s Domino Masters and she’s still doing fashion shoots.

It turns out when they say time flies, it actually flies. How do I know? In 1996, Entertainment Tonight sat down with the 26-year-old to show her how the Internet worked. Seriously.

“I’m just amazed. To push a button and to be able to see a bio on your favorite artist, and pictures and videos and interviews, I just think it’s amazing,” she told the ET reporter.

Now Electra is 50, we have 800 streaming service options to watch sports and Playboy was put out of business by the Internet.

Time flies. Don’t forget it.

Happy birthday, Carmen.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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