Carlton Davis Tweets, Then Deletes Anti-Asian Slur, Apologizes

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Carlton Davis has acknowledged people can sometimes use words without understanding the meaning behind them. The former second-round pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made that clear in his apology after he tweeted out an anti-Asian slur on Sunday evening.

Davis tweeted, “Gotta stop letting g–ks in Miami,” which is a derogatory term used to refer to Korean, Filipino and Vietnamese people. That tweet was quickly deleted, however, and an apology post soon followed. According to Davis, he didn’t know what that term meant. He thought it meant “lame.”

“I would never offend any group of people,” Davis wrote. “You reporters can look for another story to blow up. The term was directed towards a producer claiming he ‘ran Miami’ With that being said I’ll retire that word from my vocabulary giving the hard times our Asian family are enduring ❤️.

“I used a term that from where I come from has always meant ‘lame’ but I did not realize it has a much darker, negative connotation. I have learned a valuable lesson and want to apologize to anyone that was offended by seeing that word because we need to focus on helping each other during these tough times.”


Will anything come of this deleted tweet, either from the NFL or from the media? Eh, it’s doubtful, but who knows. The masses will probably move on and wait for the next Meyers Leonard story.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Davis knows that is a derogatory remark. As Slow Biden would say, Come on Man? Don’t insult our intelligence. Why is it that every time a black person gets caught using a slur (racist, homophobic or otherwise) they plead ignorance and its A-ok, but when its whitey, well we know his/her address, where he/she works, demand that person gets fired, etc etc? Sounds like racism to me.

    • Exactly. Anyone who knows anything about the Viet Nam war, either having studied it, been in it or seen the many movies concerning it knows that word is derogatory. Whites never get a pass, most notably by their own kind.

  2. Isn’t this the exact same excuse Meyers Leonard had? I’ll be honest, I had never even heard the word that Leonard used, and I used the term Davis used quite a bit growing up and basically used it to mean “awkward.”

    I wish we could give them both a pass for their ignorance, but how can we continually condemn white people for saying stuff out of ignorance and completely excuse all other races for theirs?

  3. Basically every ethnic slur has a ‘lame’ connotation to it. But it’s more about the double standards on how the woke mob reacts based on which tongue is uttering it.

  4. Meh. I believe him. There are multiple sources that indicate that this is a word that Miami / South Florida uses for lame / foolish people. No idea why unless it’s a shortened noun version for “GobbledyGOOK.” Him using it as a slang against Asians is just so random.

    If Davis somehow gets punished for this then it’s 100% proven that these high level executives / upper class have no backbone whatsoever.

  5. They are self-destructing before our eyes and it hasn’t even been 100 days. For those who believe the Left are winning, they are just being enabled.

  6. There is always a double standard when dealing with black athletes, they can say and do whatever they want and apologize and the sports world move on, but when a white guy do the exact same thing, he is ridiculed by the media mob and nitwit race baiting black entertainers and athletes.

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