Carlos Alcaraz Admits His Dad Was Filming Novak Djokovic’s Practice Session At Wimbledon As Media Tries To Turn It Into ‘Spygate’ Situation

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Some drama is swirling at Wimbledon involving Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, and the World No. 1’s dad ahead of the likely scenario where the two stars meet in the final.

Besides Alcaraz and The Joker dominating the grass courts throughout the championships, ‘spygate’ has made headlines in London with allegations emerging about the Spaniard’s dad filling Djokovic’s practice sessions.

According to Serbian outlet b92, Alcaraz’s dad “closely followed the events at Djokovic’s training” and was spotted “recording everything that was happening.”

Carlos Alcaraz all but confirmed his dad was filming Novak Djokovic’s practice sessions as ‘spygate’ rumors continue. (Photo by Frey/TPN/Getty Images)

As expected, some in the media, like b92, are jumping on the story as if it is an actual story, when based on Alcaraz’s own comments, it’s a whole lot of nothing.

“Probably it is true,”Alcaraz told the media after winning his quarterfinal match on Wednesday. “My father is a huge fan of tennis and he doesn’t only watch my matches.

“I think he gets into the club at 10am and leaves at 11pm watching matches and practice and being able to watch Djokovic in real life it is probably true he was filming the sessions.”

Alcaraz was then asked if he thinks his dad filming and getting to watch Djokovic would be an advantage to him. “I don’t think so. I have a lot of videos from Djokovic on every platform. I think it’s not an advantage for me,” he said.

The practice courts at Wimbledon are positioned right next to one another and more often than not, players who are soon to play a match against one another are getting their sessions in side-by-side.

Alcaraz is the best player in the world right now, a few videos his dad took of Djokovic’s practice session aren’t going to affect one single thing on either side of the court.

Written by Mark Harris

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